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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | 10/21 Eryops Tournament Issue

It’s an Eyrops issue. Clearly, they should just open it up to everyone and never worry about another unlock event


Are you able to get into the game because I still can’t get it to load

Cant get into game on my android still and now my ipad can no longer get in game

There was a brief window when I could. I did park maintenance and finished of my PVE and took the picture of the new Cenozoic. I exited and later tried again which is when it started crashing again

Thanks at least it’s not just me so maybe it’s still being worked on

@Keith I am having trouble accessing the game. It happened after that last fix was loaded.

On a different note…glad you voted! I voted too. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Hear hear! @Andy_wan_kenobi for Ludia Jedi Council!

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I still can’t get in the game could you please give some help with this issue

The fix doesn’t work the game is still crashing

Went to login, game downloaded some data, tried to start and then game crashed. Tried restarting my phone but still can’t get into the game. Glad to hear you are participating in your country’s vote @Keith. When Ludia has time for an update we would appreciate it, vote first, then get us an update :+1:t2:.


It’s happening to a bunch of us hopefully once they finish voting they will get the game fixed

Thank you, glad you voted also.

@Sionsith I have updated the top of the page, The team will look into it, but a fix will probably not happen before tomorrow morning.

Apologies to you all.


Thanks for letting us know that it may be tomorrow morning before a fix will come out

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Worked my butt off in the tournament! I hope I still get the Eyrops!

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You almost certainly will. Ludia has a good track record of rectifying their mistakes. I’m also hopeful for the PvE events we missed. Most of us missed the chance to unlock Kronosaurus. I hope they either give us another chance or just automatically unlock her for all players.

This really sucks because this also means missing out an entire day’s worth of custom trades for me… almost 1K worth of LPs based on how I typically use them. Not to mention all the coins I would typically collect and purchase mods, or do trades with, and an entire daily mission and the DBs you would get for that, plus the infinity battle (typically more DBs and LPs, etc.) I sure hope there is going to be some gift for players for this level of screwup than just the unlock that we would have gotten ANYWAY.


Hi!! I read this article right now , and I uninstalled the game lol, because my game doesn’t open, otherwise, thanks for your help and for resolve. May be you need to do a better update introducing people o change the vie [ inside the game]

Still crashing. Was fine 14 hrs ago but can’t log on

I have no access for 12 hours now.
Need to go to work, let’s see what happens this evening.

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I also can’t get in. Will check again at evening. I’ll use this as a short break, even if i do miss out on today’s events, including the Krono unlock

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