[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Bracketed Tournaments


Bracketed Tournaments Are Coming Back!


Rebalanced for optimal match-making, Bracketed Tournaments are making a comeback!

Depending on what Player Level you are when you first enter the Tournament, the event’s difficulty and top prize will vary, allowing for an all-around positive experience!

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I wait to play it


How do I sign up to participate?


You don’t have to sign up—it’s automatic. It’s really no different than the old tournaments, except you’ll be facing opponents or bots that mirror your player level.


…Cool update imma get the flyers today and uh not much to say lol


How can I join


I just tried the bracket tournament and I do not like it, it’s harder to win and move up the ranks


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Who flagged this accurate statement of the status quo of the tournamentsystem


Not sure I like the bracketed tournament style. My player level says nothing in regards to the level of my dinosaurs. I’m level 65 and my strongest dinosaurs are being pummeled by dinosaurs who’s stats are close to double that of mine. I used to enjoy the tournaments, being able to use low level dinosaurs against low level dinosaurs and slowly working my way up as the competition got stronger. The vicious circle just got worse, the need for high level dinosaurs just went up and the ability to gain those dinosaurs in tournaments just went down. Personally I believe the matchups should be based strictly on the level of the dinosaurs the player has chosen. Happy hunting all and good luck.


Los torneos son una trampa total, ya van muchas veces que entro a los eventos de asalto y el sistema se traba, y cuando vuelve a funcionar ya has perdido, deberían poner atención a su sistema porque es muy molesto que no te den oportunidad de combatir.


With this “bracketed system” I might just as well not bother with tournaments anymore.
At level 54 my 3 BEST dinosaurs had about a 50/50 chance of beating the opponent in the first tier and that quickly dropped to about 1 in 4 when I managed to get up to tier 2.
My second best team had about 1 in 5 chance at starting tier and as far as I could see ZERO chance at the second tier.

My point is that the current bracketed tournament system is terrible and more or less have convinced me to drop this game since while I do spend a bit of money on this game there’s no way I can afford the 200+ Euro a month that’s necessary to be able to “compete” in the game.