[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Cenozoic Rebalancing

Hello fellow dinosaur trainers,

After much investigation, our scientists are discovering developments in Cenozoic creature strengths. As of Update 38 these Cenozoic creatures will see significant changes in their rarities and statistics. Below are the detailed changes coming.

Note: Panochthus (CAVERN) is becoming a Loyalty creature - like all other Loyalty creatures, it will no longer be available in the market for DNA.


Better stock up on Panochthus


Wow some of these creatures are getting huge nerfs…

Mammotherium and Gastornis getting hit hard in the Savannah space.

Woolly Mammoth taking a serious hit in the snow section.

The snakes getting cut in half in the cave section.

This is going to cause some havoc on my line up but I am eager to see how this plays out. Especially since some of those rares going to SR or Legendary that have quite a few of.



You’re on the money, Andy. :sunglasses:

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I only had 2 of these things. 1 was a lev 10 and one was a lev 1.

I now have 12 lev 10, 4 hatching.

I tried to buy another but having bought 14 at 5,050 a go I cant afford it.

It’s a shame as I was going to buy another Mammotherium but as it is getting a nasty nerf I am glad I hadn’t yet bought it. My bucks have taken a massive hit on hatching but I guess this is why I always horded them.

Thanks @Andy_wan_kenobi for the heads up.

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My advice, stock up… but avoid evolving to level 40 for now, otherwise you will probably face serious balancing issues. Pigs get fat; hogs get slaughtered!


Hatch my pretties, hatch!
Does anyone think these are worth speeding up?

Bummer that some tournament creatures are being hit hard with nerfs ( RIP Gigantophis and Mammoth) but my beloved Smilodon’s becoming the Legendary that i always wanted, so all is well with the world :grin:
I am worried that this’ll mess my ferocity levels, but we shall see

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I bought 4 and speed them up, same again and again. In summary 12, I’m ruined now.:heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:

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Just realized this, how is Eremotherium becoming a Legendary, yet it’s stats are better as Super Rare,?

Marsupial lion getting halved and smimodon getting super buffed. Poor kitties.

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Sarkastodon is not getting any buff but it’s changed to a super rare

It appears they are going the same route that they have for Aquatics. No Rare only Super Rare and up, not sure if this has to do with having only a three class set up. Some of the moves are odd to me as some are going way down and staying legendary while others that were rare are now going to be legendary and much stronger. It is an odd way to approach the rebalance IMHO.


Smiles is the new Marsupial lion. I kinda think this is how it should have been from the start

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Side by side comparison of Ferocity levels at lvl 40:
Plan out your line ups…

Good job Ludia bringing the Mammotheirum in line with the other top end creatures. I am a bit bummed on some of the nerfs since I have set up my creatures to play within the current rules but also excited about bringing in some of the creatures that just weren’t used very often if ever with this reshuffling of some of these stats. I do find it interesting that some Rare creatures (like Arctodus) are now going to be stronger than previous legendary creatures, it will now be on par with Mastodon, Gastronis, and Megatherium.

This is the old ferocity scale (Mammotherium is up at 23k ferocity which is way off this chart):

I wouldn’t say that this is way out of balance other than the Mammotherium being in a class of its own.
This is the same creatures in the same order but with their new ferocities:

I wouldn’t classify this as a re-balance but more of a shuffle of creatures and stats, which is fine but lets call it as it is.


Looks like the deer cat is now the Cenozoic king

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Oh my the change!

Ready to go, +2 more in the hatchery:

Part of my 25k in DB purchases this morning during the Early :sleeping: Hatchery discount to speed up to that from having one level 20 and one level 10.

My previous underpowered Brontotherium is now going to be my strongest creature and will be out ahead of the rest of my VIP’s, but I should have a pretty good bench behind it after the shuffle so hopefully this won’t cause to many issues with my PvE battle matchups.