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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Cenozoic Rebalancing

I think they realized that the tournament creatures should not have been at the same ferocity level as the VIP creatures, This “balancing” reflects along those lines in terms of the nerfing of the snakes and elephants and Gastornis. Additionally, Mammotherium is at least MORE playable. Is it still head and shoulders above the rest of the Cenozoics?

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Mammotherium is second best after the Smilodon hybrid (the difference is very small though)

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I’m glad as well to at least see one new VIP especially if they are going to nerf the tournaments so that VIPs for cenos become even more valuable… the lack of variety in the VIPs having been an issue in terms of their usefulness.

I wonder if this change might also be a prelude to getting a Ceno-only PvP option. Although personally I kind of like not having two PvPs with only 3 classes. The likelihood of getting Jurassics when you put up a lineup of Cenos, makes it quite a bit different than the Aquatic PvP.

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Oh dear… I had a level 20 Panoc. Nothing else is close in ferocity. My Cenozoic matches are going to be… interesting.


I’m guessing a lot of us will be in the same boat. Glad I’ve been putting some effort into my cenos recently, but still will have to move a bunch of other VIPs up to match.

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Just did the update and opened up the app to find that all of my Panochthus had hatched. I had three in there with four days left! Nice surprise!

I’ll be honest. I don’t hate that they did this. I just don’t understand the point. I remember paying several thousand DBs to win the Wooly Mammoth in a tournament and now my smilodon that I paid 12,000 DNA for (8 cats) is now stronger? We don’t even ever use Cenozoic creatures unless we do PVP or the 1-2 cent events a week. And DBs are back… but at a price? :joy: I wasn’t laying VIP before… not touching fidelity. I don’t even care that they took the trade away the first time. Honestly, it was broken. 200+ DBs for a 1.2 million coin apatosaurus fossil when so many of us had 100 million coins is just plain silly to maintain. But to be like… you guys are getting DB trades back but you gotta throw us a legendary+ dino is almost crazy. At that point I would just sell the Dino and keep the DNA. I mean what difference does 50 DBs do me when I am sitting on 20,000+. 1,750 DNA goes a lot further in that case.

Not trying to complain… just baffled. I do appreciate the games existence and the fun it’s given me and Ludia, I thank you for this experience… but guys it’s starting to feel like a mind game. I had to come to the forum to figure out why my cenos were wildly different.


Pre update lineup:

Post update lineup:

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I’ve stated above what I think the ultimate reason for this is… and what seems to be Ludia’s goal these days in virtually everything they are doing. From mods, to taking away the free cooldown speedups, to more battles for less prizes, removing DBs from packs, and so on. Someone decided they weren’t making enough money off the game (can’t imagine WHY when the packs are so absurdly expensive) and it’s become a game of how much they can put the hurt on us before we pay up… or leave.

As for the DB trades, heck I agree the apato fossil trade was almost ridiculously good. But there’s certainly many other alternatives they could have gone with other than this horrendous paltry 50 DB for a legendary dino. I just hope enough players turn their noses up at the idea of having to pay monthly fees for what USED to be something you could collect via gameplay, but newer players in particular may feel it’s their only choice the way the game has been so completely stripped of DB opportunities.


Still have some time before my game updates.
Must. Hatch. Them. Bears

Quite happy for the Arctodus frankly. The giant short faced bear deserves the Legendary stats.

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Well shame on me for not keeping my eye on the forum

My line up is utterly screwed. The hybrid deer I have ONLY JUST levelled to 30 and now I’m going to have to sell it and the megistocurus I’ve spent a YEAR getting and just got 2 x LG 40 of have dropped right off

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My Cenozoic coin production rate also massively changed.


Yeah I agree. While I didn’t mind that years ago the game didn’t give you many DBs and there wasn’t any TH, it is annoying when they say they will bring back the trades and then make them completely undesirable. And I definitely agree with you about the mods. The boosters weren’t fun to me, but they at least didn’t suck us of DBs for the better versions of them.


Has anyone had cenoz completely disappear? I went from having some hatched, some waiting and they vanished and now it says I have none…

Nope. I would contact support if you are sure it happened.

Depending on park level you might not have access to them anymore? That would be the only thing I could think of, but as @Badgerzzz says reaching out to support is your best option.

If you had it unlocked it was supposed to stay unlocked per the Update 38 Release Notes

My thought was if the park is not at level 40 you would not be able to enter the bio dome. Is your park level 40 and if not can you access them through the gallery? Are you able to battle with them in PvP? You just might not be able to feed or evolve them until you reach level 40.

Hi, as other have stated you should contact thank you