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[News] Jurassic World: The Game - Cheaters Protocol | March 10, 2021

Yes, thank you, it was so annoying to see hackers post their “amazing” progress on the JWTG Facebook group, bragging without doing anything, let’s get rid of these dudes once and for all

Is it right at all to make your most loyal long time customers pay for your own mistakes? Never had any problem till now and when i have to start all over again i’m definitely done with it. :-1:

ho, I know me because I couldn’t use my account for 30 minutes anymore, I wanted to say nothing bad …

Jmo if your achievements in this game is because you cheated How can you as a individual think that you deserve to be able to get away with that I personally believe in integrity I have played this game for over five years and I’m proud to know my achievements are hard earned with loyalty honesty and integrity


You don’t need to relay on hackers for that, youtubers like the gamingbeaver will also max it in a day or too, if you just want stats you can check if someone may have posted a picture of the max creature here or on Reddit, or the wiki even earlier.


I think it is a little bit unfair. Hackers just play like they like. I think just accs that post pictures should be banned. I got unlimited resources because of a glitch… I don‘t want to get also blocked :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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Does the system look for any changes or does it look for suspicious amount of resources such as DNA? If so then what would happen if someone had gotten the 99 million dna glitch would they be consider hackers or does the system know? My game does this weird glitch where all the cool downs for my creatures are done even if it takes a week to cool down it’s available to be used in battle. It usually when ever I leave the game on for too long. Will the system considered that a glitch and remove all the progress I had. I’ve been playing from the beginning and been paying for vip subscription since it first came out. I don’t want to loose everything I worked hard to get I even gotten Gen 2 Indoraptor maxed last year

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I get that bug too in past, at once after event I get very strange number of DNA and then my DNA was on max.
I contacted Support immediately,bec I dont really wanted that, (too easy game for me) and they recorvered my dna back to my orginal number, no ban bec it wasnt my fault

its a bug, its not you use hacking tool or something else, but you should report that bug.

Where do I report the bug cause I kinda want it gone and another bug where my game just disconnect every time I enter or try to redecorate my park and storing all the decorations and buildings here is a support email to Ludia, you can also write here on forum to help and support section

Thank you I will report it to Ludia now

Is this considered cheating?

Game occasionally glitches. It’s like it looses track of time. All of a sudden most paddocks are at max coin. food production is as if completed. Dinos temp fully cool down, but the big one is weekly prize drop is suddenly done. So if you click on it,and your in gold tier you can instantly buy a diamond pack for around 6750 dino bucks.

If you clicked on prize drop and Don’t buy, your wiped back to day one progress mid week. If you do buy, then you can build back to gold tier and get a 2nd diamond pack on normal prize drop at end of week for another 6750dino bucks.

So is taking any of this stuff considered cheating? If we’re to exit the game and come back in, all the glitches automatically fix.

This glitch is pretty random. Sometimes it might happen 3 times in a week,sometimes it won’t happen for 2 or 3 weeks. I have reported the glitch in the past. It’s been going on for more than a year. The glitching usually occurs after code 19 reset or end of day reset.

I actually had this exact glitch happen to me for the first time since I have been playing the game on Monday while I was recording my Monday video, it confused the heck out of me.

I don’t think it would be considered a hack since it’s nothing we are doing and are not causing it to happen.

I think they are looking for items that people are exploiting, let’s say you found a way to make the above happen and could do it on command over and over again, I think that’s what they are looking at.

Or things that happen on a onetime basis that severely alters your game that should be reported for them to identify and fix.

I am not Ludia so these are just my assumptions and would defer to @Keith or @Daven to address directly.

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I’m still wondering how there detection system will work since there’s so many players and the bot could bug out and banned the wrong people by accident either through game glitches and cause the bot to ban or a players account being hacked into and getting free resources without them knowing.

Speculation here…
I would think they have a way to query the data for accounts that have unusually high resource reserves 90,000,000 + across all resources (or some combination), creatures maxed before released, purchases that don’t match the appropriate amounts in the game.

A bevy of other markers deemed suspicious and then someone starts to review those accounts sorted from worse offender on down.

Not sure if they will just lock an account or there will be some communication sent to the account holder but I would think it would be fairly easy to identify a majority of the foul play.

But that is my simple data driven approach.


True the bot may look for very high resources that no player should be able to achieve but what about the glitch from a old update that had given certain players 99,999,999 dna. Would the bot consider that hacking or will it ignore it. I think the bot will be looking for any signs of code being changed since many of these programs hacker used involves changing the code within the game

If you had the max DNA glitch happen, based on the Fair Play Guideline, you are supposed to report it. What happens after that is up to Ludia. If you don’t, you’re taking a risk of being identified as a hacker

Well Ludia should know by now since GamingBeaver had mention it and many people have already reported it before