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[News] Jurassic World: The Game - Cheaters Protocol | March 10, 2021

@Keith no offense or anything but you posted some dangerously vague info in this thread. The phrase ‘detected by our system’ means you rely on an AI to judge players but you haven’t specified what that AI is actually looking for. For example, if it’s set to look for high amounts of cash, there’s a FB user in a group named Desmond Ching who currently has 645,467 dino bucks & 391.372 loyalty points all obtained naturally by playing the game for a long time. Same thing with a user (can’t remember the name, sorry) who had like 1 mil dna obtained, again, naturally by playing the game for a long time. Is there a possibility that they can get flagged by said AI just for being horders? Because if that’s the case, yikes! Wouldn’t want to be your social media person once all the complaints start rolling in. Also potential lawsuits by players who actually invested money in your game just to loose it all because you rely on an AI with vague set rules… Second phrase that’s kinda creepy is ‘your game progress will then be reset’ because you yourselves set a reasonable list of penalties not that long ago which started with warning & temporary ban. To go from that to this extreme…yikes! Third phrase ‘Exploiting bugs to your advantage and not reporting them’ means EVERYONE who exploited the infinity arena card refresher bug and took advantage of the draft battles thingy - INCLUDING the Gaming Beaver who actually taught people how to do this in his vids for ex episode 144 - is guilty and can possibly loose his/her account. That doesn’t seem fair to ban us all for a thing that one of your darlings taught us to do while you never said anything (he continued to make vids about this for weeks in a row). So please, Keith, make a more cohesive and detailed post to spare us horders of headaches and angry complaints if your AI or team of actual human beings or whatever just mistakenly decide to erase our accounts without knowing or asking the what’s & the how’s.


This is what I’m talking about how does the system function and detects hackers within the game

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I’m not American or Canadian but I am a lawyer in my country and a paying player of the game. If I’m gonna loose my entire progress without a warning at least I am gonna sue them and make a complaint at every law firm in the united states. If CD projekt red can face lawsuits for Cyber Punk & Sonny for drifting controllers, then Ludia must too for posting contradicting and unclear rules.


Ludia has a Terms of service it has a bunch of pages that break down the terms you agree to so you can play the game in my opinion I believe that they are looking for the unusual and as players it’s our responsibility to contact ludia if something strange happens to our game and if you have honesty and integrity while playing this game you should be okay jmo

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It may explain the term of service we agree upon but we should at least know how the system they will be using works. It could cause problems within the future if not done right. Some people may loose there account because of a glitch that keeps happening within the game

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If it’s a glitch and you report it to ludia like they said then you would have nothing to worry about but if you have never reported it to ludia that’s where you can loose your game account

One thing is playing fair and another is contradicting facts. For example:
In the thread posted by community manager Keith titled ‘[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Fair Play Update - Jurassic World™: The Game’ it clearly says & I quote:

As a reminder, the following is considered as Cheating. Please take a moment to review them:

Using 3rd party software to alter your game files
Hacking the game in any sort of way
Exploiting bugs to your advantage


Removal from the Leaderboard
Loss of game support
Temporary bans
Permanent bans

Note: Repeat offenders will be handled with increasing severity.

The key phrases we have to talk about are: 'Exploiting bugs to your advantage', the VERY FIRST repercusion 'Warnings' and 'will be handled with increasing severity'.
Putting 2 & 2 together this means that a person like me (& others!) who has 365 dino buks & 500 loyalty point horded from the good ol' time when THE GAMING BEAVER taught us IN A VIDEO how to exploit the infinite arena & draft battles can loose the account because Ludia decided to switch repercussions from mild to extreme over night is SERIOUSLY not ok. Yes, we all agreed by those Terms of service but that doesn't mean they can do what they want just because they can with some of us (because I'm 1000% certain The Gaming Beaver won't face any repercussions just because he's their influence darling). It's either a)Ludia makes a clear and cohesive list of what & how's from said update 50 or b) they treat everyone by their rules (one set, not a dozen revisited over night) in the same manner.

Don’t know why my latest post turned out formatted that way but I won’t post again to avoit duplicate posting.
@Lora_Green the problem here isn’t to report or not to report, it’s some players (me included) have an amount of resources obtained by doing exactly what their darling Beaver said & showed (but never actually reported; he did at least a month’s worth of ‘hacking’ videos). I DO NOT WANT TO LOOSE MY GAME just because Ludia didn’t have a set of rules from the get-go and they just now decided to harshly! punish people for doing what their darling said because ‘it’s a single player game and hacking doesn’t affect anyone’ as Beaver himself said a number of times.

I have been playing since the game came out I have been a vip since it was first offered and a fidelity member as well and I have a big strong team of dinosaurs that I have earned and I keep a lot of resources as well you have some great questions in your notes I don’t believe ludia would take someone’s game account because of something gaming beaver showed someone in the past but based on the new changes if you do something like that it would be considered as cheating jmo

In my opinion if you new in the past you were cheating and hacking any game you need to take a long look in the mirror because you definitely don’t have honesty and integrity jmo

See, HERE’s the big elephant in the room - or should I say dino? - ‘in the past’ and ‘based on the new changes’. Judging a player (this harshly!! I mean game resetting??? yikes!!) for past actions when ‘the new changes’ weren’t even a thing is absolutely and utterly unfair! They should make a clean sheet for everyone and IF a player breaks any of said new rules, just THEN throw the banning book at them. That would be the fair thing to do. If they do decide to punish a player (like me, which I honestly admit) for PAST actions guided by one - If not THE #1 - of their influencers, I demand they do it to EVERYONE including Beavers. We’re either treating everyone the same or none at all & everyone gets a free ‘get out of trouble card’. (just to distress a bit, I have to say they must have a billion of those around because they obviously would ‘spare no expense’ :slight_smile: )

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I agree with you that if they decided to go after players past injustice they should do it to everyone that cheated including gaming beaver jmo

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@Lora_Green if that’s the case, going by your opinion, everyone who even dared to tell a lie in their lives or cheat on a test or something needs to ‘take a long look in the mirror’ because that’s definitely not an honest and integral thing to do iyo

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I definitely agree with you

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@Lora_Green I’m glad you do, then :slight_smile: If you’re an honest and integral person and have been all your life, I applaud & bow in front of you. Me, not every time, I admit it, but to my defense I blame Agatha Harkness :stuck_out_tongue: (#it was Agatha all Along).


We have Youtubers who do actually hack the game for content who should be automatic be banned as they didn’t pay for anything.

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I’m not someone who would ever expect someone to bow down to me for anything I’m just saying in real life if you get caught doing something wrong there’s consequences for your actions same way with this game

There is a concern that natural hoarders such as myself can be caught in this by accident. I do have nearly 80k dino bucks from trade harbor, packs, dailies, and fidelity saved up so I can speed up a bunch of tournament creatures here in a couple months. I had nearly 700 creatures when I started hatching/saving DNA (at 900k+ currently) for this venture and have saved VIP points up to 100k about 3 times naturally just to get packs, was starting to save for a 350k run of the solid gold plus packs.

Is there any guarantee that this AI system will be able to detect actual cheaters and not catch those of us who are honest players by accident? I’ve worked so hard on this game since I started playing in 2016 that I’d hate to have it reset/lost permanently because of an AI that mistook me for a cheater.

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I believe that you are in the same boat as me I have just over 200 thousand dna and almost 500 thousand Lp and 140 thousand db and I have never cheated in this game I believe that the detection information from our games will be justified I have nothing to hide I will give them my support key information anytime

Finally ! Now I can enjoy in peace playing this game ! Thank you for making it fare to all players