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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Clash of Titans Issue (04/15/2019)


Hello fellow dinosaur trainers,

Please note that we experienced an issue this morning with the Clash of Titans event which has forced us to reset the event. Unfortunately, if a player had logged in this morning, prior to the event’s reset, their progress will also have been reset. To mitigate this, we’ve set the number of needed battles to unlock Clash of Titans down from 28 to 14. As a result, some players (those who did not log in this morning) will have automatically completed the needed battles, while the rest will be able to do so by simply completing 14 Battles.
In addition, we are also going to be sending everyone 2,500 Loyalty Points via in-game mail.

Our apologies for any inconveniences.


Well, i probably needed around 14 more points to unlock Clash anyway.
The VIP points were awesome though. Thanks!

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I was at 26/28, but now it’s unlocked, and some nasty fishes await already in the first round of five!

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While I was mad to have lost all my progress. I am grateful that you’ve halved the requirement. Just annoying having to spend another week to unlock Moasasaur. :frowning:


I would have been at 26/28. Now I’m at 1/14. Grr


So uh, I managed to unlock the Mosasaurus today. Around 5 hours ago, I saw it was unlocked and completed all 5 battles and won it. Will I be able to keep it unlocked or do I need to redo the battles?

Currently there is no Clash of Titans battle in my battle menu, so I assume I get to keep it, but I’m just checking for confirmation just in case.


Bae, just check on one of those sorting tabs to see if it’s still under the locked category.

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If you were able to unlock it, it should remain unlocked.

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How in Godd green Earth can you screw something like that so badly?


How do I get the loyalty points


Click your mailbox

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@Ludia_Developers I never received the 2500 loyalty points

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I still don’t have any of the VIP points in my mailbox. Did you have to grab it at a certain time or does it apply to a select few people?


Yep I have it unlocked. I selected the locked sorting tab, and it didn’t pop up, unlike some other dinos I got from the prize drop, which means I do indeed have it unlocked.

Thanks for the help.


Maybe since you had completed it before it reset you didn’t qualify for the VIP points but the message up above seems to make me think you should since it says “sending everyone” which would lead me to believe everyone should get it. Mine was in my in-game mail box fairly early yesterday.

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Even though I anticipate unlocking Clash of Titans in plenty of time to unlock the Mosasaurus, I’m really irritated at having to start over all because I was able to do Mondays events early.


I never received Loyalty Points. Where do I get it?