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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Clash of Titans Jan - Feb 2020

Hello fellow dinosaur trainers!

Over the last couple of days there have been some requests to see the final results from the latest poll for Clash of Titans. We are happy to oblige.


Thank you for sharing.

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I can only imagine that there’s a vast majority that is absolutely not interested in creatures that are not Jurassic.
Maybe we owe Ludia an apology.


Interesting. Maybe we all underestimated Seco’s fan base (though Smiles being last breaks my heart, even though i own a max level one plus the hybrid. C’mon guys, giant prehistoric cat with long teeth. Nothing’s cooler than that)
It would be helpful if the results being shared became the new standard from now on.


My thoughts as well: a VERY STRONG pro-Jurassic bias


Tbh, from a strategic point of view, i can’t blame them. Non-Jurassic events are just too few and far between.
Now, from a “i want cool creatures” point of view, that’s a different story


We all have a tendency to assume others think like us, or that our experiences reflects others. Chances are, if you’re on this forum, you’re well-advanced, really into the game, that kind of thing. Probably most players are lower level, casual, just doing it for the enjoyment, as opposed to thinking of ferocity or collecting everything. So they’d be less interested in the combat-important Smilodon or the rare Eucladoceros.




Unless I’m missing something, didn’t most people here already have the smilodon unlocked? I had two level 40’s before the Cenozoic rebalance.

Also, I’m much more interested in the aquatics than Cenozoic critters personally.

I had pondered also what has been mentioned, that maybe Seco won simply for practicalities sake. Much greater need for Jurassic creatures over the other two classes, agree with these assessments 100% friends.

One creature that I’m sure everyone probably has but me, that I want very badly is Mosasaurus. I think I came back to the game just after there was an unlock event for him. :roll_eyes:


What who would choose second

I agree that most likely “we” those of us on this forum are likely the vocal minority in the game. I know I myself analyze this game probably to a level or degree that few others do. This can sometimes make me scratch my head when I see something that I think is so clear of a choice (like either of the two Cenozoic creatures) and then when others here echo that same sentiment it makes it hard to understand why anything else would be selected. However when you think of the entire scope of players that are involved in the game and understanding more than likely a lot of those players are “newer” to the game I can see why a carnivore almost always wins the vote. Thank you @Keith for sharing the results it would be awesome if future poll results are also shared.


Well, for instance… I don’t have any of these 3 creatures unlocked… Despite the apparently not so good stats of the carnivore… I see it as the only creature that is useable in the tourneys… And that is where I can unlock the decent creatures… So following that circle… I’m not dissapointed with this creature…


There’s a lot of assumptions here that the votes are legitimately what people wanted to get. I just don’t buy it. It was one thing when we kept getting carnivores like Trodon, but that at least was a dino used in a hybrid so beneficial even if already unlocked. I simply can’t believe that that many people that actually play the game really wanted this Secondo more than the other two. They take far too long to hatch out and the stats on this one in particular just don’t make them that useful as battle creatures when you are a lower level player… by the time you are at the point that you can use lots of DBs for speedups, and spend the DNA needed for all the copies to get this leveled up to a useful point, would you really use them on a dino like this one?? It makes no sense. The only people that would do so are players far enough along in the game that they are just working on leveling up everything to a level 40… and I can’t imagine those players wouldn’t 1. have it unlocked already and 2. MUCH rather get the deer which they would NOT yet have.

And it wasn’t just this forum… all the FB forums as well were packed with players talking about how excited they were to be able to get the new deer, or a few like me that were hoping that maybe the kitty would win as we didn’t have it unlocked yet. I didn’t see anyone that even thought that secondo would win, other than a few that worried about some vote splitting happening. If there were players voting for it, they were definitely a silent majority.

To me, these results suggest VERY strongly that there are people voting that are simply doing so to play spoiler for everyone else. They may very well not even be active players, just ones that get a kick out of seeing the rest of the player community so upset at the results. Since the poll is completely open to the world, not something in-game or tied to which players currently are even at a level where they can PLAY the CoT, so it is completely possible that it’s being manipulated in this way. I’ve seen it happen many times before with public polls… there are a lot of people that get their kicks this way.

IMO, this is the best evidence yet that they should just forget the poll and just rotate through a variety of different creatures as they do with tournaments.

Did you ever hear about Boaty McBoat Face?

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Ha! Yes, perfect example. I was also thinking of the American Idol Vote for the Worst site and the contestants like Sanjaya it managed to keep on the show. Never underestimate the compulsion of people to vote in ways that have nothing to do with what you are actually asking them to vote about.