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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | CLASH OF TITANS RESET and other post update 44 issues June 30th, 2020

Hello Fellow Dinosaur Trainers,

Update 44 came with an unfortunate issue that would cause a reset to your progression in the Clash Of Titans event. As a token of apology, we have sent out a Segnosaurus pack and the unlock for Segnosaurus (two separate mails) to all players of level 60 and above. You should receive the gift in your in-game mailbox shortly!

Also of note, it is being discussed to end the current Clash of Titans event a week earlier on July 12th instead of the July 19th.

With the update, it was also discovered there is a bug that causes your daily event progress to reset when you close the game. This only affects your progress, not resources, prizes won, or dinosaur cooldowns. Due to this, if a player wishes to complete an event, we ask them to do it all at once without closing the game. We know this is an inconvenience and we thank you for your patience while we try to solve the issue.

Thank you!


Thank you Keith!

Hi Keith !!! I found bug in this game. I got only unlock segnosaurus.

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Hi @Keith - will we be notified when CoT will start tracking our progress again? I’ve tried completing the aquatic VIP missions a couple of times now and it still isn’t logging. Restarted phone, force closed app as well between attempts. Unless there’s something else I should be trying/doing? Thank you for keeping us posted and also for the Segnosaurus pack!

Hi, as mentioned it is a bug every time you close the game all event progress is lost. We are working to fix it and will let you know when it is done. However, if you complete the event without closing your game you keep the rewards, but the event will be there the next time you open the game.


Thank you for keeping us posted!

After checking the game I found that this bug did not affect my account for some reason…
CoT didn’t reset…all the events I completed stayed completed.

Thank you Keith, super frustrating to see the event come back. I finished the Monsters of the Deep a second time and got my rewards, but it reset again when I went back into the game (like you said it would). I see what you’re saying now, can’t do the CoT because it resets to 0/28 Everytime you go back into the game. It’s driving me a little crazy to see unfinished events on my screen, lol.

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You already updated the game?

I remember going to the Raptor paddock to get some MODs (in case Brachiosaurus is a MOD tournament) at around 1:30 EST but that’s it…

It’s very frustrating, at least as long as you complete the event you get the reward.

@Predator_X have you downloaded update 44?


Not yet…I’ll check.

Then I wouldn’t update until you finish all the events you want.

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Hey Keith, I received my Segno unlock and pack but my CoT was not reset. Does this mean I can complete it and win another Segno pack. My progress on the event says 23/28.

The reset bug only happens on the new update. The team is working on a patch, but it won’t be ready for a couple of days.

As long as you don’t update the game app, I believe so. Hopefully Keith will respond to verify. I finished my CoT before I updated and kept my rewards. I didn’t check if I still had it unlocked before getting the unlock again in the mail.

That would probably be your only worry. I would just make sure they fix the bug before updating your app, but I think you would be fine.

If we complete events multiple times during this bug, you won’t hold it against us, will you? (I’m thinking of the fair play announcement.)


Uhh…I was wondering that too.

Well, technically we aren’t gaining anything, you still have to use dinos to battle. Think of it as just a lot of events in 1 day…


Sure, I can go with that.

It is like really good PvP.

Vs a glitch where you do something unintended and get lots of stuff that didn’t involved intended game play.