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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Code-19 Deactivated (Dec 11, 2020)

Hello Fellow Dinosaur Trainers,

We have been made aware that update 48 has a bug that causes the game to crash when you send your team out to recover a dinosaur that escaped during a Code-19.

Due to this bug, we have disabled Code-19s until a fix is available. However, we were not able to remove the Code-19 from the missions.

A gift of 1500 Loyalty Points will be sent to everyone in their in-game mailbox as compensation.

Thank you for your understanding, and enjoy the new update later today.

-The Jurassic World: The Game Team


The park doesn’t show any land expansion the maxed level for the park is showing level 99 the update says that there more park expansion


From the Update Announcement thread, @Lora_Green

IMPORTANT: Contrary to the App Store “What’s New” update notes, please be informed that the expansion of Isla Sorna will not be included in this update. We apologize for the confusion.


Is it just me or is the the new silo tournament glitched, I’m litteraly in middleweight league and for some reason it’s matching me
against players who should be literally 30+ leagues ahead like pls give me a chance I want a cool Dino

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This is not a bracketed tournament. You’ve been thrown in the deep end


@Daven I am hoping there is going to be a fix for this fairly soon as I and other players with late game setups are missing out on ~25-30 SDNA a day. Not to mention with the current setup unlocking the Boss without that 50 BDNA from the Code 19 mission is impossible without spending additional money. Unless additional missions are added to collect BDNA or perhaps a T-Rexmas gift.


Hey @Sionsith,
I do confirm that the team is working on a fix. :slight_smile:


I think 99 is the max level.

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Good news, there is a new update rolling out now. It fixes the issue with Code-19’s and if all goes to plan they will be activated again tomorrow (Thursday, December 17, 2020) afternoon/evening.


Finally one of my mission I need to do 2 code 19

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@Keith please pass on my thanks to the team for remedying the issue with Code 19’s.

My SDNA and DNA banks also send their thanks.


Your thanks have been passed on. :slight_smile:


pongan un dinosaurio hibrido acuatico con cenozoico y que se fucione el onchopristis y el deinotherium

Translated from Spanish

put an aquatic hybrid dinosaur with Cenozoic and let the onchopristis and deinotherium go away

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

When is the new playable Boss?

Welcome to the forum @Alangasaurus

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