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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | CODE 19

Hello Fellow Dinosaur Trainers,

With Update 42, a strange occurrence has been noticed with the dinosaurs in your park. They have become more docile and calm. For the time being, it seems none of your dinosaurs will try to escape, meaning no CODE 19 will trigger. We will notify you once the temperament of your dinosaurs change.

Dinosaurs who have already escaped will still need to be tracked down or will wander back once the cooldown is over.

Until then, a gift of S-DNA will be sent to your in-game mailbox shortly.

Thank you


Thanks to the whole team for listening to us.


Ahh darn, I waited a while for useful S-DNA in the Code 19’s… Well just give out 4x free Tapejalocephalus‘ and we’ll call it even. :wink:


Can I request Sarcosuchus SDNA for my gift? (I already know the answer is no… but you never know!)

Request yes… Receive, you’ll have to wait for the in-game mail to see. (Full Disclosure… It’s not)



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Well… 50 S-DNA towards Tapejalocephalus is… Well, it’s better than nothing. I want to say “thanks,” but I guess it depends on how long with Code 19 be turned off. I was reallllly hoping to collect more of Tapejalocephalus‘ when this S-DNA finally showed up. Can this one get please be next in the rotation for the events?

Thanks for your consideration.


Better than nothing but nothing more.
On a normal Code 19 day I make a more than 50 SDNA. So this is at most a compensation for one day without Code 19.
And my three Apatosaurus that I had to use yesterday to catch my escaped Metriaphodons are still 8 hours in cooldown.:triumph:

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No more code 19 ?
My next mission to obtain experience ask me to finish two code 19 missions…
Can you change this mission and help me to rise to 90’s level.


The newest version cannot be dowloaded at the Apple Store, and it said it’s deleted from the Apple Store, what happened?

@Ned. Is there any news on the return of Code 19s? I’m kinda missing them, and am most definitely missing the sdna rewards.

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You can always level up by buying decorations, placing them, getting the xp and then selling them.

Hate to repeat someone else’s post, but I’m wondering the same thing here, if you don’t mind providing an update.

I feel like we’re missing out on valuable time to earn S-DNA towards Tapejalocephalus before it gets switched to another creature.

Hi the Code 19’s will reappear once we identify and correct the issue that was affecting players Code 19’s. Currently, we do not have an ETA on when that will be.
Thank you for your ongoing patience.


We are losing a lot of SDNA, why not release the VIP S-DNA Production Site earlier.


With code 19s being disabled, what if a “Fight for fusion” type event was added to every day to even out the resources we’d otherwise be getting?

Hello Tommi and Timmah,
Thank you for your suggestions on possible recourse to missing Code 19’s. The team has a plan in place already and will be implemented until the code 19 issue is resolved. We ask for your patience in this matter.
Thank You


I’d like mine to be mostly sarcosuchius dna please.

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I read that as COVID 19


Can you give us any plan details or maybe a time frame on when this plan will be enacted?

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