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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Daylight Savings time Nov 1st, 2020

Hello Fellow Dinosaur Trainers,

While Daylight Savings time takes place on Sunday, November 1st, JWTG will only be implementing the time change on Monday, November 2nd starting at 8:00 AM E.T. please be advised that this will affect the starting time of events and prize drops.

This change to when Daylight Savings will be implemented was decided as a precautionary measure to allow our team to respond in a more timely manner if any issue arises.

Thank You


8am ET DST or 8am ET standard on Monday?

Or asked another way, 8am ET game time or 8am ET DST/local time?

The difference would be clipping the last hour of the tournament off. (Or not adding an hour based on how you looked at it.)


I don’t know what DST is… someone please fill me in! :sweat_smile:

Also, will the Tournament end one hour before or after the usual cutoff?


It’s when the clocks go forward or back for 1 hr


DST = Daylight Savings Time.


I know that. I just wanted to understand what it was…

Oh okay… so this change is only for Monday right?


It’s different in other countries, for me it was the 25th


The game is op and great


Say Now New ?

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Use a time convertor. I have no idea what DST is either…if I had to take a guess I would say Denmark Standard Time.

Edit: It stands for daylight saving time. My brain cells have grown smaller for me to not realize that.



Hope this info will help!

Eastern Standard Time (EST) when observing standard time in Fall/Winter
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) when observing daylight saving time in Spring/Summer


Since this is taking effect at 8am EST which is right when the tournament ends for everyone should everyone log out of the game prior to the roll over to prevent issues with syncing? Also does this mean that for the following days items will refresh at what would now be 9am EST if DST never happened. Since I believe some folks don’t observe this crazy tradition.

If your area does not observe will events happen an hour later than normal?

@Keith, @Marcus, @Ned?


Is the DST already in effect? I am unable to see the new Weekly Schedule, I think it would be uploaded one hour later if I’m not mistaken…

I have to suffer this effect twice. Here it took place last week. From that point on everything in the game happened one hour earlier for me.
Now as I’m slowly getting used to it it’s going back to “normal”.


This is me also, prize drop at 11 and events at 12, usually its prize drop 12, events 1

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I think The Game has already adjusted the timings, right now it says that there are 11 hours left for the event reset (this post was written at 7:30 am IST, and in India the events till now reset at 5:30 pm). But calculating 11 hours from now, it is 6:30 pm so I don’t think we might have to worry about logging back in.


My game says it will have the daily reset in 20:46M.

Today’s “reset” was 2:14M ago. (Note the extra hour of difference, should be 3:14M to match above. So, it looks like an extra hour should be added in so it is 21:46?)

This will make the reset daily reset happen an hour earlier tomorrow in addition to the hour early it was today.

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Can I trust you guys so I can subscribe to the channel

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Game reset daily missions to 3am pst. It was 5am pst.

Prize drop is at 4am pst as it was before
Daily events is at 5am pst as it was before
Raptor paddock is resetting at 4pm pst. It was at 5pm pst


Yeah my games out of sync on daily missions too theyve reset like 3 hours before events start