[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Eryops Tournament Issue

Hello Dinosaur trainers,

Earlier today Ludia experienced its own Code 19, and in the process, the Eryops tournament disappeared from the Battle menu. Currently, we are working towards mitigating this unfortunate event - our devs are collecting data and will be sending out tournament rewards later today:

  • Your rewards will reflect what league you held in the tournament.
  • We will take into account if the data suggests you would have had time to go up a league.
  • The time for this is still TBD, please keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates.

Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

:asterisk: UPDATE :asterisk:

Our team has started sending out the Eryops Tournament rewards, please check your in-game mail today.
Thank you for your patience and support.


Hi Jorge,

Thank you for the update and good that Ludia are acknowledging the disruption.

It will be interesting to know the criteria by which you will judge if a player was close enough to jump up a league. My tactic in tournaments is to buck rush towards the end, particularly during the cool-down offer so I can be 100-200 points outside Dominator but attain promotion with a strong push in the last few hours.

Having spent a lot of time and resource getting to that point as well as suffering from four application crashes mid-battle, it would be annoying if we are informed that we did not qualify for an Eryops.


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Nice I spent a lot of time on this tournament. So hope for some apologize gift and hope for gifts which was in my rank.


I too lost my creature, I was in dominator last night, I might have lost a league but I would’ve been able to fight back to dominator.

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Thank you, Ludia.

For all of us, we’ll just have to trust Ludia to do what is fair & right in regard to our rewards. They did give us 200 dinobucks for that last outage.


I havent had the chance to log in to get this creture so i hope you guys will do something to atleast make sure this people get Erypos and i hope you guys soon will answer Support emails since i also would like to play

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Really you are so disappointing. I was planning on rushing to the dominator today only to find out it’s gone because of YOUR mistake and now I’m not getting an eryops. How can you still take yourself serious Ludia?

since Saturday I can not get into the game, I have contacted by all available means and I have not received any response. I’ve lost weekend events and all the progress in the tournament. Why do not support emails respond?

It is very frustrating. I think many people had their strategy to advance. I also had my plan ready this morning when the challenge just vanished. I do not see how they can predict what level you could have reached. They do not know how many people would have participated and what times and such. It would be a guess. Maybe a slightly educated guess, but still a guess. And even 200 dinosaurs bucks would not be worth it for some. The differences between the packs could have meant a lot more than that. They need a good solution. I will be furious if I do not at least get the ranking I was at before the error.

Everything has potential to go south, it’s kindda normal. I do believe ludia will do their best to solve this hustle and it will be great if players remain calm and supportive during the whole process… i mean as long as we will get the league card pack and juicy Loyalty points.

Anyway, each player has their own unique code maybe those will help to trace down last rank they reached

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I think players who depend on final surge to sneak into a higher league level or were near bottom before the glitch are most worried. But as you said well, I anticipate Ludia will overcompensate this time and allow more into a higher level than usual.
(At last check I was comfortably middle of the league level, so given they trace back original data successfully, I know for certain which league I finished in.)


I was in the dominator league for the amphibian eroyps when the battle time ended but got nothing. Why?

The challenge disappeared before completion. An error / bug on Ludia’s Side. They are working on a fix for it, and will report once fixed.

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Ludia is still fixing the glitch, coz I haven’t received my rewards either. Even S-DNA missions have been suspended for now.

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S-DNA is not suspended it’s just glitched, if you complete one round of any mission that should have an S-DNA reward attached to it the list will update with your available missions.

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I completed 2 of mine today while they were still listed, but later on, only the DNA factory production one remained on the list. I got one left that has 3 days left, so no worries, hopefully. Resting my dinos anyway. And hiding my elite ones in the depository from code 19 captors!

Think if they use data from previous tournaments it could help predict not sure if they can do that

Do you mean like MMR? Not sure

Ludia , I have my college at morning I was in dominor league then I went to my college then they pushed me back. Atlast only again I will be able to fight , this is totally unfair if you are going to do like this

This is totally unfair morning I was in dominor league and I went to the college. It is obvious I will be pushed to the next league ,I’m supposed to fight at the end to catch my level. .