[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Eryops Tournament Issue


This is totally unfair morning I was in dominor league and I went to the college. It is obvious I will be pushed to the next league ,I’m supposed to fight at the end to catch my level. .


Hi jorge.i didnt get the tournament award.
Give me the eyriops pack.
I have been in dominator league 1day.
Check it plz.


Hello. It is a generally problems. I have same issue today morning with other rewards.

Please, solve it.


Over 12 hrs since the issue came up and still no resolution… wasted so much time over the weekend for this :frowning:


Dear Jorge/Ludia team,

Have you begun giving out prizes for this league yet?

Only I was in the top half of the Gold division yesterday morning, ready to have a final push back into Dominator in time for the deadline. Yet on opening the game first thing morning, I may be wrong, but got distinct impression you may have sent me a bronze prize. Does that sound right? Because if it is, I could see no way I could have slipped back as far as bronze in so little remaining time.

Can you help, please?

  • Jaki


Same as here, but i believe they doing their best… give them 48 hours to get this done.


Im dominate. One day remaining


I received my Eryops pack today (in my news feed), thank you Ludia. However this did not unlock the Eryops for future purchase as I was expecting.

@Ned @Jorge I am going to assume the intent was to unlock the dinosaur and that this will be fixed, I submitted the info as a follow up to my original ticket submission which I never heard back from the support team after the original submission.


I received another click button for unlocking. Still missing, though, are the 10 S-DNA rewards for finishing in dominator league.


@Ned @Jorge please disregard my post above, my news feed updated with an unlock button as well. Please thank the folks on the support team for fixing the issue on the tournament.


I have received too many rewards, i received one from the rare league, one from super rare and one from predator. I don’t know if this is an issue or not but i could’ve fought my way up to dominator again that’s if i lost the place since when i went to sleep on sunday i was in dominator, around 70th place, around that place in dominator and i had creatures to to fight with so i am certain i would’ve been able to get back into dominator, thank you.


I did too. Kudos to Ludia for owning up to their glitch and overcompensating. Everyone should be satisfied now, if not happy. :grin:



Thanks, for rewarding. It is good that you have evaluated the possible progress in the tournament and the players have also sent other packages of parts of the league that they have overcome.


Hi, excuse me when you fix the problem because a dent have my rewards for the that tournament please


Thanks for the rewards for the disrupted tournament. They were very generous and way more than I expected. Although mew to the Forums I have been playing JWTG almost from the start and must say that I have always found the Customer Support for this game to be excieptional. Always quick to reply to queries and to remedy problems. Excellent!


I was surprised but delighted with the rewards :yum: many thanks to Ludia for the classy and generous resolution to this situation :+1:


Hi ! A new tournament has began, but i still have not received an award for the last tournament that has disappeared. I was in the Dominator league


Hello there. I’v just seen thise on Facebook and see why the last tournament have disappear. In every tournament i go up to Dominateur league and stay in between rank 70 and 100. When i’m back in Predator league i fight my way back to Dominateur league… and in the last 30mn to 20mn of the tournament i fight up to Dominateur league and stay there. The last time i habe check there was around 7h left and when i came back no more tournament. I would like to get my Eryopse please and unlock it. I hade more than enought time and Dinos to stay in dominateur league


Check mail symbol on the right side of the screen



Juan Carlos Viteri