[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Facebook Connection Error | November 2021

Hello all,
Facebook has temporarily disabled FB Login for Jurassic World: The Game. We are currently in contact with them to restore the application. Until then, all Facebook login will fail for our players. We will update you as soon as we have information.
The Jurassic World: The Game Team


And I thought this was the update :crazy_face: :crazy_face:
But thanks guy for the info


:joy: Surprisingly I didn’t get tricked, oh well sorry to all FB players, we non - FB ones will update you on all the ongoings


Well that’s certainly frustrating.
Thanks for keeping us informed.


@Keith or @Ned
I thought I was done using the forum but it turns out I have to use it one more time. How do I sever my fb connection link to the game?

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Hey William_William, please reach out to our support team at support+jurassicworld@ludia.com, our team would be happy to try and help you out with your account link.



Facebook is under a lot of pressure and lots going on behind the screens. 2nd time this happens, probably not the last. Is there another way to bind your account? Dont feel much trust in fb anymore.


vale perfecto gracias por informar

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Translated From Spanish:

ok perfect thanks for informing

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@Keith @Ned

I wonder what will happen if facebook refuses to continue allowing the game? It has irritated me before that there is no possibility to link the account with google play, just for these cases. If fb didn’t work, we could sign in through google play … Or we could just opt ​​for one.

But back to the question, what will happen in the worst case scenario? Will you add a way to log another method, or in via google play? How long would it take? How many weeks would a lot of players have to wait before it’s their turn and you will to switch their accounts? How many tournaments and new creatures will we miss? Who will compensate us for the loss?

Take this as a suggestion, please add the option to back up the game and log in using google play


they comunicate with fb… I am afraid it can be days, than fb response a single word

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This is what most games do, by connecting to Google Play or Apple Gamecenter


that is why i dont understand, why this game dont have that method…


So whats going to happen to us facebook users in terms of the tournament?

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Hi Reeses, currently we are hoping it gets resolved quickly. If however it does not we are in discussions on what to do.


Players are reporting that they are able to log back in with Facebook.


Hello JP23 & everyone else,
I can confirm that adding connecting your save to Google Play is in the pipeline, but that at this time it is currently only slated to be added to JWTG in 2022.


well, thats good to hear

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I was just now able to log in via Facebook, glad to be back.
Keith, can you explain why this happened? It sounds like Facebook disabled logging into the game rather than this being a bug of some sort. Why would Facebook do that?

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@Reeses_Puffs welcome to the forums!

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Facebook compensation

250 bucks