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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Fair Play Update

Hello Fellow Dinosaur Trainers!

We’ve heard all your latest feedback concerning cheaters and would like to shed some light on this topic.

We are constantly working to improve the system so that everyone can enjoy Jurassic World: The Game as designed. Fair play is a top priority for us, to reinforce it, we have been continuously monitoring suspicious behaviors and accounts. Today, we are proud to share that we will be implementing a new solution that will aid us in detecting and identifying cheaters more efficiently. This is another step towards fairer and more positive gameplay for our Community. We know how important this is and won’t stop here!

As a reminder, the following is considered as Cheating. Please take a moment to review them.:

  • Using 3rd party software to alter your game files
  • Hacking the game in any sort of way
  • Exploiting bugs to your advantage


  • Warnings
  • Removal from the Leaderboard
  • Loss of game support
  • Temporary bans
  • Permanent bans

Note: Repeat offenders will be handled with increasing severity.

Thank you so much for your trust and patience!

The Jurassic World: The Game Team


Thank you @Keith

Looking forward to what the team comes up with and it’ll be great to reduce modding/hacking in the game.

If I may offer an opinion on this-

I believe that player frustration in this game in regards to “cheating,” could also have to do with the unfair AI matching. A lot of people think they’re matching against real people, so when they play really difficult AI creatures they may assume the computer ”players,” to instead be real players that have hacked or modded to obtain impossibly high-level creatures (which many of us know this isn’t the case). Recommend the team also considers restructuring the AI matching to help reduce this stigma.

As far as bugs go, what would be considered “exploiting a bug,”? Would it be possible for someone to post some guidelines regarding unacceptable bugs for players to know what not to do?

Also, this question is for anyone- where is the Leaderboard for this game? Is it an Android thing, perhaps?


Yeah I was wondering about that bug one too. I’m thinking perhaps of that exit battle bug that was in the game for so long that players commonly used. That seems a bit unreasonable to penalize players for something that is embedded in the game… particularly since they might not even know it’s a bug! If they don’t want players exploiting game bugs… then do a better job testing releases so they don’t HAVE bugs all the time!!

There may be some few players that think there is cheating by the AI (we’ve certainly seen enough people on the forums that don’t realize the PvP is not other players in the game) but mostly it’s just directed to players that hack the game to max out their resources. I think it’s much less an issue in our game than JWA, since it doesn’t directly effect anyone else. But most players that play it straight don’t really like seeing people cheat to get stuff that you work really hard for, and in some cases, pay money to get. But I expect most of this is just because it’s a disincentive for players to pay money in the game if they can just hack it as well. Normally I would say that hackers aren’t people that are going to pay anyway, but in the case of JWTG, I see people offering to hack the game (often for small fees) to other players that post on FB forums all the time. So many people are having their game hacked that otherwise wouldn’t know how to do it themselves. Certainly some percentage of those players might have been ones that would have paid for a membership or for other game resources.

Also not sure what Leaderboard they are talking about. That I would guess is a JWA thing, not our game.

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I am also curious what this is, cant say I have ever seen it or know about it.

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Maybe it about hacked tournaments? Is only thing in game with leaderboards

What will happen to those youtubers who hacked meaning they will run out of jobs

Hey Ludia, if you do this, maybe you can get us an alliances to the game and Also trade system with others and real pvp? THAT IS MY DREAM :smiley:

That their problem :smiley:
One day someone wrote me a message via fb, if i want a hack my account. And that person wanted money for that and ofcourse my password. I am happy they will be stoped by this. But i never will understand how someone can give the password to strange person

By the way Ludia,
If you know, there are tools which make able to hack your game, Why you dont improve security against that hacker tools?

Thank you so much Ludia love you even more you did right thing banning these cheaters! They always ruined fun for other players now everyone can play fair​:+1::+1::clap::clap:


But everyone in this game has their own bracket. You never see anyone else’s

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Has Ludia confirmed that the pvp fights are Ai based? Is this how it is meant to be? If not, how do you know that the pvp is not against other actual people playing online?

I know that. :slight_smile:

  1. Your opponent usses some certain formulas in their point uses, i think there are 4 different formulas, they re always using one of them in the battle. Thats why is pvp easily win
  1. You never face a “VIP Player” opponent.
    Those things show pvp is AI (same for tournaments)
  1. Sometimes you play a PvP and you got three versions of a dino as opponents that was released just a “few” minutes ago. How unlikely is that?

Unless you’re in VIP tournaments like the recent Stygimoloch tournament. Then your “opponent” is a VIP.

Sure, but it’s because is VIP tournament

They also do completly stupid stuff like putting a Splinter mod onto a level 1 common. No real player would ever do this. :joy:

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Or how it matches you up so quickly all the time with an opponent of the same level. Never any waiting. @Leo_Walter is right too, the mod usage in PvPs is a pretty big giveaway that it isn’t real people… likewise the lineups not just of the same creature, but 3 of the same class. Real players just don’t do that. And how many of us aren’t winning 90%+ of our PvPs??? I probably win about 98%. If we were all playing each other, that mathematically isn’t even possible. I know it’s a bit of a bubble burst to realize you really aren’t so much better a player than everyone else, but real PvPs you just aren’t going to have the kind of winning percentages that we typically have in this game.


nah i dont care about winning percentages real pvp would be fun