[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Four New MODs

Four new mods will soon be seen in the game.


Tough Skin: - 50% damage is dealt on first attack received.

Super Rare:


Spikes: After being attacked deal 50% attack to the attacker.


Armored Hide: Damage from the first attack received is reduced by 99%



Shuffle: Shuffle all MODs at the beginning of battle.


“Nullify” just became way more valuable. Is it me, or do they sound OP? Anyway, can’t say i’m too excited TBH. I don’t think we need new mods. That time can be better spent adding Brachiosaurus.


The new mods are already available. I’m so happy. 4 more mods that I will never use most likely.


Armored Hide is basically just like the Legendary Survival right? Most times you get attacked, it’s enough to kill you…or at least that’s how you should play it by not blocking and saving up instead.

OMG, this is what we get instead of fixing all the bugs??? More WAY overpowered mods that the AI has an endless supply of and that we have to pay DBs to get in any kind of numbers. As if Terrify and Inspire weren’t bad enough. Just one more step in Ludia’s march towards ruining this game further.

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More mods I won’t even bother to read about but am somehow compelled to use.

Idk what spikes means

Here is the information about the new mods

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So far, for me, they have made modded battles even less pleasant. I still too my one required, and if I’m about to max my coins, I’ll buy some mods and burn them, but they stink. When the computer has any of the new ones, wins are tough especially. I hope they make the game more enjoyable for others, but they’re a setback for me.


Nope… as I posted above, everytime they add new mods, it means more chances for me to lose these modded PvPs. At least in PvEs I have a better chance of making sure I can counter the mods but when they are completely random, it’s a total crapshoot. I stick mostly to using common mods in PvPs since I find you are mostly going to get mods that are at a similar level as what you put up, but I’m still going to get some of the higher level ones at times, and some of these are just too overpowered for PvPs. I dread the next modded tournament. I am saving lots of Nullify to use then. But everytime they add new mods, it makes me hate this element of the game even more.

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