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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Game Crashes 05/27/2021 update

Hello Dinosaur Trainers,

We are aware that many players have experienced increased game crashes and other bugs in the last few days. We’re happy to announce that our team has released a fix that addresses these issues. Please check your respective AppStore to download it.

We have heard from players that these issues negatively affected your ability to play the game and achieve some of the community rewards. As such, thanks to community feedback, we will be sending out Hard Cash tomorrow morning to your in-game Mail Boxes. We have also added a Community Hatch event this weekend that if, targets are reached, will reward the 6yr commemorative statue to players.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your ongoing patience.


I can’t login now… is an update rolling out right now or a sever problem like yesterday?

I updated to the latest version and restarted my iPad, no change.

Edit I get failed to login to server error.

Edit 2 and now it works again.

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Hopefully, you’ve got the Hatch goal set in the sweet zone: not too small and not too big


I am also experiencing the same thing, I have pingged the team waiting to hear back


I really hope there isn’t anymore crashes anymore. What a chaotic week and last week.

what about the indominus rex?

I don’t see the update.

Hey, atleast it isn’t 1000 LP

Hard cash is what I need right now.

Nice job Ludia

I agree we should get it but cash isn’t so bad. Non fidelity and vip players like me are happy bout that.

Yeah they weren’t gonna compensate for that, but hey, we get one more chance at the 6th year anniversary!

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Yeah. It was super ridiculous doing the events today with a ton of crashes

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I am now back into the game, can you verify if it works for you?


hey @Keith will the event and action be saved like before or is it still an issue?

I’m back too. Thanks!


Also I just today experienced a glitch, haha.

So the opponent had 4 moves, but when I attacked it, they had 5 blocks?, how can you get 5 blocks with only 4 available moves?

Don’t worry I won the battle and got 40 cash so yeah, it was rather confusing.

My game kept crashing every time I finished a battle and when I click sign in to Facebook kept crashing when doing nothing. I really hope this solves everything with this fix!

Also do you guys have the update? I don’t think I got it yet.

I got it downloaded

Dang I still don’t have it.

Did you check the appstore you use?