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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Game Crashes 05/27/2021 update

I use apple

Ah then I can’t help you there, sorry

Sometimes it takes a little while to show up depending on your location. I am on an iPhone and was able to get it by going to app store then clicking the 8 ball and refreshing the page and it was there.


Oh okay! This is a old device anyways I believe but I don’t think that’s the problem. Could be it has to get to my location.

May I ask, how old and what kind of device is it

It’s there now! :grin:

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I do not remember. It’s a iPad maybe from like 6,5 or 4 years ago?

So a iPad, hmm. Did most of the people who got hit with the bugs have a iPhone or iPad? If you don’t know then that’s ok because I’m a little curious, I have one of Samsung new 5G phones and my game worked like a charm.

The game seems to be working like normal now

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I have a alt account in my se iPhone and no crashes happened.

Hmm, this is making me more curious by the second. I gotta look more into the complaints of the crashes, see what devices got hit

My tablet got hit too. It’s a Amazon kindle

Yeah, kindles weren’t the best for me to run this game, I don’t know why though

The bug affected both Android and iOS devices causing players games to crash repeatedly and with the update should be fixed.


Yeah all my kindles are super slow but somehow that kindle ran better then the iPad. Did some tournaments before with no crashes on it.

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Aight, so it affected both users. Alright, thanks.

It had the potential to affect any device, including Amazon so they don’t have to feel left out either. :slight_smile:


I somehow can’t post a picture on my iPad and I can’t use the phone bc I might I cleared history by accident and I’m trying to log in withFacebook but it gives me a error.

Did you have the support key written down somewhere?

It could be Facebook and I do have my support key. I did hear Facebook was down kinda.