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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Holiday Cheer

Happy Holidays from the Jurassic World: The Game team to all of you.

We heard players requesting extra fusion slots so for the holidays we have added:

From Monday, Dec 23rd - Sunday, Dec 29th.

  • 2 extra fusion slots

  • The cost will be 50 Dinobucks the first and 75 Dinobucks for the second

From Monday, Dec 30th - Sunday, Jan 5th.

  • 1 extra fusion slot

  • The cost will be 50 Dinobucks

We noticed some of you have found the additional Hot Times added for the Christmas break.

Holiday Hot Times: Monday, Dec 16th - Sunday, Jan 5th.


  • 7am: 10% Land market

  • 9am: 10% Hatchery Speedup / 20% VIP

  • 11am: 10% Battle Speed Up / 20% VIP

  • 3pm: 10% Aquatic Market

  • 6pm: 15% Fusion Lab


  • 7am: 10% Hatchery Speed / 20% VIP

  • 9am: 10% Fusion Lab / 20% VIP

  • 11am: 10% Aquatic Market

  • 3pm: 10% Cenozoic Market

  • 6pm: 15% Battle Speedup


  • 7am: 10% Battle Speedup

  • 9am: 10% Carnivore Market / 20% VIP

  • 11am: 15% Hybrid Market

  • 3pm: 10% Hatchery Speedup

  • 6pm: 15% Fusion Lab


  • 7am: 10% Battle Speedup

  • 9am: 20% Fusion Lab

  • 11am: 10% Land / Aqua / Ceno Market / 20% VIP

  • 3pm: 20% Land / Aqua / Ceno Market

  • 6pm: 15% Fusion Lab


  • 7am: 10% Battle Speed / 20% VIP

  • 9am: 20% Battle Speed / 25% VIP

  • 11am: 10% Cenozoic Market

  • 3pm: 15% Carnivore Market

  • 6pm: 15% Fusion Lab

*Note: All times displayed are in EST time.


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Thank you for announcing them all in one place for us! And of course also thank you for the additional Hot Times. I think we especially all love the extra hatchery ones!!


Thanks. 10 characters again

Time for mass evolution.

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Bad timing on this for me since I have so little that needs evolving right now… but nice having the 2nd one at a reduced cost at least.


Always look forward to this time of year knowing it is time to take advantage of many favourable hot times! :smiling_imp:

Sorry to be a grinch :rage: but how come there was no 30% off all creatures for VIP members on Christmas Day and seemingly not scheduled for New Year’s Day? I’ve been saving DNA and bucks for ages in preparation for a huge spend out and now there is no sign of these offers, which have been available for a couple of years? Please re-consider Ludia :pray:

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Hadn’t remembered that the extra discounts were continuing past Christmas, but happened to wake up in time to catch the Hatchery discount today. Was nice to get a few extra things hatched out with a discount while we still have an extra evolution tube, so thanks!

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