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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Hot Times Event (September 2019)

Hello fellow dinosaur trainers,

Please note that in the following weeks we will be increasing discounts for Hot Time Events.

  • Week of September 9th to 13th: Discounts will be increased for VIP members.
  • Weeks of September 16th to 27th: The same discounts will be increased for all players.

Expand for details
  • Mondays
    • @ 7 am - 9 am: Market (DNA | Jurassic)
    • @ 11 am - 1 pm: Battle
    • @ 6 pm - 8 pm: Fusion Lab
  • Tuesdays
    • @ 7 am - 9 am: Hatchery
    • @ 11 am - 1 pm: Market (DNA | Aquatic)
    • @ 6 pm - 8 pm: Battle
  • Wednesdays
    • @ 7 am - 9 am: Battle
    • @ 11 am - 1 pm: Market (DNA | Hybrid)
    • @ 6 pm - 8 pm: Fusion Lab
  • Thursdays
    • @ 7 am - 9 am: Battle
    • @ 11 am - 1 pm: Market (DNA | All)
    • @ 6 pm - 8 pm: Hatchery
  • Fridays
    • @ 7 am - 9 am: Battle
    • @ 11 am - 1 pm: Market (DNA | Cenozoic)
    • @ 6 pm - 8 pm: Fusion Lab

All times in EDT

Discount legend

  • Battle: Cooldown for creatures
  • Fusion Lab & Hatchery: Speed up in the corresponding building
  • Market: DNA cost for a creature

@Jorge, is Ludia aware that not only people in north America are playing this game.
In Europe your 6pm to 8pm events are in the middle of the night and I think players in Asia have similar problems.
This is very unfair to all ‘fellow dinosaur trainers’ around the world.
Has Ludia ever thought about solving this?


@Tommi, I appreciate Ludia’s contribution to my needing to get up early in the morning to partake in the hatchery discount on Tuesdays. It insures I get an early start to my day, EARLY :crazy_face:. Just trying to put a positive spin on the 4am - 6am window this happens for me.


You are absolutely right…and having a good sleep is totally overrated. :sleeping:


If you sleep you miss trade harbor offers!


An early start to the day is not necessarily a good or healthy thing, I’m often getting up to take advantage of the discount and then not able to go back to sleep so chronically sleep deprived (I suffer from insomnia anyway, but I would not be honest if I didn’t admit that the game hasn’t effected me for the worse in this area). That 4 am-6am window is the PITS. All these discounts really should be offered twice a week, with the second one on a different day, at least 10-12 hours difference.


To be fair I get up almost every day around 5/5:30 am to go for a run so as long as they don’t move it to 2am or some crazy time in the middle of the night I am okay with it. But I agree as I do feel bad for those that only get this one offer (since it is only one time of the week as an offer) at some time between 10pm-5am for their local time.

The offer currently helps me from hitting the snooze button on Tuesdays :laughing:.

In case folks want to check old prices to new prices : Discounts, Discounts, Discounts

Well imagine if it WAS at 2 am… that’s basically what it is for me right now based on the time it occurs in my sleep rotation. I don’t have anywhere near the same challenges with the Thursday discount time frame… but I’m sure someone somewhere does.

Hey wait… just saw the link to Expand the details… and there’s a second time frame for the Hatchery on Thursday evening! I wonder if that’s going to be permanent…that’d be awesome! That’s a time that I can more easily use.

@Ned - can someone check that information? According to previous posts on the discounts, that Thursday night one is a Fusion Lab, not Hatchery discount. It sure would make a LOT more sense if it WAS for the Hatchery though, rather than the current single time for the Hatchery with 3 for the Creation Lab.


I will inquire with our team! :smiley:


I will translate this update for everyone - we will increase the amount that you need to do and in return, the best you can hope for is the same pack that you used to get. But lord knows it’s going to be some stupid common dinosaur that you spent a whole day and dozens of Dino’s to get :unamused: their ENTIRE aim is to get you to spend more money on dinobucks. Not entertainment, not customer loyalty. This whole thing reeks of desperation… no wonder your biggest players have left!! I’m about to join them!

You’re thinking about the trashfire that was U36, not this, which isn’t an update, just a time-limited cost reduction of stuff that U36 made us pay more of. You’re not wrong that is nothing more than a marketing gimmick, like supermarkets increasing the price of things 1 week before they do a “sale”, though.

Personally, I’m waiting for the U37 to come along to see what the new advertised speed-up methods will be, and I’m hoping for events to have reduced number of match-ups so it won’t take me the better part of the day to finish them as well.

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Hey Mary_Jo, the information and timetable posted by Jorge is correct. :slight_smile:

Vip - 30% for hybrids…NICE. However…I need more DNA.


So happen my 3 most expensive hybrids have been or are being hatched. Just topped up with the discount. :sunglasses:

Wonder if tomorrow’s will be even higher?? Debating whether to get another Metriaphodon with such a big discount. That still will use up most of my DNA though. You lucky folks that have a lot saved up!

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Ugh…I bought Indominus, but I would have been able to buy me a 2nd Cerazinosaurus! But I’m also a little bit happy , because I can do a 2nd Indominus Lvl.20 and he’s stronger then a Lvl.10 Cezi and I still have 12 k DNA left!

For VIP members, tomorrow should be a 20% discount on all creatures, hybrids included (except s-dna hybrids). Non-VIP will get 10%.

Not if it’s doubled as the one right now is. Could be 40%!

I’ll save my DNA now, so I can buy me lots of Indominus and do lvl.20’s until I can create 2 Lvl.40’s … one for Indoraptor and one that I keep! But that’s going to need much time, because I don’t wan’t to ruin my team balance totally, so I need a 40 Ostaposaurus, a 40 Rajastega…but I’ll take the challenge! :smiley:

Those of us from an earlier generation (cough! Cough!) used to work hard (grind) at boss events and PvE fights to build up our storehouses. Alas the ecology (economy) has changed. You youngsters work hard, perhaps even harder than we used to, but there just ain’t enough dough to go around now. What gives? :neutral_face: