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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Hot Times Event (September 2019)

In case of an SR-only aquatic event or tourney, the hybrids might be needed. I keep mine at 10, except for one which I foolishly upped to 20. Regular SR 40s match about equally with the hybrids at 10, so I suppose you don’t really need them when you got the VIPs.

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The current hot time discount is for the Fusion Lab/Creation lab, NOT for the hatchery. :frowning: sad day. I was really excited that there was going to be another time for the hatchery discount. :sob:

@Jorge, @Ned - the original post should probably be edited to reflect the correct info (Thursdays, @6pm - 8pm: Fusion Lab).

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Yeah the possible rare chance of a SR only aquatic event is the only reason I’m even still working (slowwwwwly) towards at least getting a lvl 10 of each of the hybrids. I expect maybe at some point when my other areas are to the point I’m not needing to work on them as well I might want to level them up more… I do love many of the appearances of these at the higher levels, just not enough to pay so much to get there!


Color me not surprised at all. I was excited too at the idea of actually having a Hatchery discount at a time when I’m not sleeping, but I was dubious that the information was accurate since it’s never been a hatchery discount at that time before. Kind of pathetic that even after asking Ludia to CONFIRM the information they STILL got it wrong!

Ludia should probably make it up to us by making the hatchery an 80% discount next Tuesday. Now THAT I’d get up for :sunglasses: :wink:


Heck, I’d get up if it was the 30% like we got for the Market!

And not only is it NOT a Hatchery discount, it’s not even any different than the usual 15% off for VIPs. How totally lame.

@Ned, you agree that Ludia must compensate us for their mistake, right? I was waiting for this discount.

Giving tomorrow Hatchery with at least 30% off is the right thing to do, this company doesnt provide motivation to spend our hardly collected dB,

But instead i guess we will just receive an apologize and wait till next week for the same boring VIP discount.

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Virtually all other games out there gives compensation for game mistakes and user inconveniences. For some reason, I don’t recall Ludia ever doing that. If they have it’s been extremely rare.

Ludia has in the past compensated for so-called mistakes, be they technical glitches or human error or whatever, only they know in-house, and we don’t know and probably don’t need to know. Bonus LPs has been the currency as far as I recall. Some here take copious notes on details, so maybe they can list out Ludia’s previous compensatory actions. Essentially, Ludia has been responsive. Just saying.

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I’m about 300,000 dna poorer now, I’m not at all sad!

In the past there was a tournament that became broken. We received ALL the packs from the level we were at and down. That was a haul of goodies.

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Yes, they have rarely given compensation. I remember getting a sizeable LP bonus in my news about a month ago for a tournament snafu. But definitely not always. I think it’s beyond the pale that they refuse to compensate VIPs that are affected by the custom trade bug and are losing trades on a daily basis. It’s not like it even COSTS them anything to do so, and not doing it sure destroys the relationship with PAYING customers. Makes no sense.

@Potato I remember that one. Ludia clearly owned up on that blunder. @Mary_Jo, I forgot about that 1-vs-3-custom-trades issue. That affects some and not all, so differs in nature from, say, tourney blunders. Ludia’s asking players to submit tickets, so I’ll err on the generous side and think they’re working on it. Once they’ve offered their resolution to that specific bug, perhaps then we can evaluate if it was dealt with fairly or not.

I guess we will, but based on the replies to my tickets I’ve gotten, I’ll be surprised if we get any compensation for all the lost trades. In keeping track of mine, since I use them almost exclusively for LPs, I’ve now lost almost the equivalent of a 10K pack (about 1-2 more times of getting hit by it would get me there). So it’s definitely a pretty sizeable impact. And since I do have the ability to try and avoid it using my Android phone, other players almost certainly have lost a lot more than me.

So who is wrong now? Ludia? @Jorge? @Ned?

Some one has to be wrong based on this post: [News] Jurassic World: The Game | Hot Times Event (September 2019) The question is who?

I did take advantage of the discounts this morning and will look forward to hatching this out…


I’m looking forward too but I also keep teeling me ‘Oh my God, what have I done?’. I could be busy for years with that.


@Tommi that’s a lot of hatching time but awesome way to take advantage of the 30% off


And at least you finally found a way to use some (if not most!) of that big DNA stash you had after selling off your top dinos! Admit it now, you had fun buying all those hybrids!


You got me, but it is like eating a giant piece of pizza. It is fun but remorse is guaranteed.

I still have more than 900k of DNA and it’s obvious that I won’t need it to buy dinos for a very long time.
If I just bought only hybrids, but at some point I thought that aquatic and cenezoic tournaments are quite good in their environment, which is different from the jurassic tournaments. And then all hell broke loose.


Hello Vennllok, @Sionsith,
I have confirmed with the team that Thursday 6-8 pm is suppose to be the Hot Times Hatchery and they have assured me that next Thursday will be correct.
Have a nice day.