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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Looking Ahead: April 2019


Hello fellow dinosaur trainers!

Prepare for a month full of dynamic Tournaments! In April, we will have four totally unique tournaments! The first will be a rules tournament (Super Rares only) in which players will also need to use Aquatic creatures, the second will require that players use their Cenozoic creatures, and finally, there will be 2 tournaments occurring simultaneously over the final weekend of April - one will require Aquatic creatures and the other Cenozoic!

In addition, there will be two Boss events and an update!

Sneak Peek at May:
There’s a new Boss lurking nearby… will it poke its head out in May?

Event Schedule for 4/8 thru 4/14
Event Schedule 4/22-4/28
unlisted #2
listed #3

Sounds like I’m gonna have to do a lot of grinding


Thank you for the inside look. I am hoping Ludia can start giving insight into the tournaments, espically the ones where the rules will be limiting, a week or more in advance. This gives players a chance to make some adjustments to their line ups and get prepared as much as they can in a short amount of time. The whole starting a tournament and then seeing the rules is kind of a bummer.

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Nice but hybird Dinos are sometimes annoying becuse they have higher attacks and health wish they had seprate Tournaments

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Does this mean land super rares in unison with aquatic super rares, or just super rare aquatics?


It’s good knowing the rules in advance. Thanks.
Now admitedly my aquatics suck so hard that’s verry little i can do in a week; but that’s my fault for totally ignoring anything that’s not Jurassic.


Not looking forward to two concurrent tournaments…


I did the gorgosuchus tournament but I didn’t get the dominator reward which I grinded for and I didn’t even get a reward for anything lower than dominator can yous please give the reward it’s annoying me so much


@tom_Martin you need to reach out to the support team via their email with your support key and the issue. @Ned can help you with that, there is also a thread on here of someone else that had the same issue: Gorgosuchus tournament never received pack at the end


I’m really disliking these rules for the tournaments… Just let us pick which creatures we want to fight with.


Truth. The tournaments with rules come across as money grabs (limiting what dinos we can use so we feel “encouraged” to buy dinos and/or pay for cooldowns). That may not be what Ludia is trying to do, but it feels like money-grabs.

I’d prefer the tourneys to be like another game I played. You could use any three creatures you want, and the opponent matching would be equivalent, like it is in PvP. The difference is in how many trophies you win. Use three high level dinos, you could win 30-40 trophies. Use three commons or low rares, you’re looking at winning only maybe 4-5 trophies. The idea is that anyone can win, regardless of level, if they’re willing to put the time in. It also makes the tournaments more playable; after I’ve used my top 10-20 dinos, I’m done and have to wait for cooldown. But if I could keep using more dinos, I’d keep playing, albeit for fewer trophies.

Pipe dreams. Ludia’s game, Ludia’s rules. Play or don’t.


This is a good question that hasn’t been addressed. With discount Thursday looming, it would be nice to know if we are going with land, sea or both types of super rares. Seems like they mention aquatics specifically so that seems to be fairly certain. Just trying to figure out if I need to build an army of Rajastegas too?

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@Sionsith @tom_Martin
Ya I have been waiting for a while so reach out and be patient I only got one response from Ludia when I used their support button in game I’m not sure when they will respond literally been on the forums for 3 days now lol

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I currently have no unresolved issues with the support team, just trying to get the information to those that needed it. But the last time I did have an issue it was a fiveish day turn around time if I remember correctly.


@Sionsith thank you for letting me know the time range

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I would really rather it be where we can use Land Dino’s only because my aquatic and cenazoic creatures are terrible.

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That is the beauty of these tournaments rules and mix ups is it causes everyone to focus on something different for a short amount of time creating a more balanced park.