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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Looking Ahead: August 2019

Those are my favourites too, besides seeing insects in a biodome.
But this seems to be a lonely wish from my side which is for sure not one of the most requested features.

I love the idea, if they had a request tracking site where people could actually vote on ideas, I think it’d score VERY high. But it’s not the type of thing people probably send to Ludia as a request for what they’d like to see on their own, and it clearly would take a LOT more work than a park and/or level expansion would.

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I dunno how requested this is, but the ability to play our own music while the app is open would be really awesome.

And @Mary_Jo is right, a poll to see what new features that fans really want would be very interesting…


Why is that? Don’t you love the ‘JW The Game’ soundtrack?

I do @Tommi but after 4+ years of playing the game I usually have it muted tbh… Nothing against it, but I’d prefer to be able to play the music on my device.

I’d probably play most Jurassic Park soundtracks anyway but still, even Pandora or other music apps playing in the background would be amazing.


This is definitely another one that I doubt most people would think of to request but once they hear it, would absolutely vote for as something they would want. I definitely hate when I’m listening to music and just want to pop into the game to collect coins and check on my hatchery, only to have my music shut off. Ideal would be to separate the music and sound effects so you can still get alerts for things like Code 19s while being able to listen to your own choice of background music.

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Since Ludia hasn’t done it, here’s a poll I threw together, put down as many things as I could think of off the top of my head including anything mentioned on this thread. Let’s think of anything else that should be added and then I can post it up to the various FB groups as well as here.


Only 3. That was tough

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Should I increase the number of votes you are allowed? I think you have to limit them to some degree but I did end up adding a lot more choices than I originally thought I would. 5 choices would still be a reasonable limit I think (I also decided to turn on the requirement to log into Google, I assume most people these days will have a Google login and this prevents people voting more than once). I actually wasn’t saying to vote just yet anyway, first wanted to just get feedback and see if there are any choices I should include before making it public. :slight_smile:

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I agree there has to be some sort of cutoff. Maybe five is the way to go. No more than that. Unless you wanted to get really crazy and institute some sort of point value ranking, but that might turn people off for being overly complicated

Yeah, online feature requests will often allow people to give “points” to the ones they want to vote for but this is just really for fun and to see what players would like so I don’t think we need to get too complicated.

I’ll go ahead and change it to say 5 votes. If anyone that already voted wants to change their vote but wasn’t logged in, let me know and I’ll delete your previous response.

I also added another one to have a Code 19 practice (that’s one I would really like to have!) And clarified the “more ways to get mods” to include not having to use DBs.

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You’ve got a lot of great ideas on the form already, so I have some hesitation submitting more, but here goes.

In tournaments, while the unlock should remain reserved for a Dominator finish, a single card of the tournament creature should be the prize (in a pack) for Predator League. I know I would have loved this when I was struggling in those early tournaments, especially for new creatures.

Disconnects during PVP/Tournaments should be scored as a “no battle.” The cost is refunded, it doesn’t count as a battle. There is no cooldown for the creatures.


Great suggestions, I’ll add them! I also added that dinos left standing at the end of the battle should not go into cooldown, a comment I’ve often seen as well.

I’ll probably run the poll for a couple weeks at least, depending on how well responses come in, so don’t forget to check back and see if you want to update any votes! The insect biodome and background music have jumped into the lead on the current votes (told you those would be popular, LOL!)

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The top three in the dominant league should win a trophy (gold, silver, bronze)

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Também poderiam criar uma classificação com número de batalhas, vitórias e derrotas no jogo e premiar os melhores colocados no final de um período.

They could also create a ranking with the number of battles, wins and losses in the game and award the best placed at the end of a period.

What is Option 40? A placeholder for the 40th item?

I don’t want to get too crazy with really specific requests so I’ll just add one for Awards of some kind for top placements in tournaments.

Fantastic idea, @Mary_Jo.
I did already vote before you decided to give us 5 votes. Is it possible for you to delete my vote so that I can give a new one?
And by the way another suggestion. Add the possibility for further upgrades of the food factory.
What do you mean by updating votes? Is the ballot related to me? Can I make modifications or is it always a new vote?
Do you plan to publish intermediate results?

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Wow, a lot of questions! Yes, I can delete your earlier vote, I would just need to know what the 3 items you voted for were so I can match it up. I do already have an item about more ways to get food, I’ll have to think about whether the food factory falls under that, or actually might be a better replacement for it. The poll now requires a Google login, which ensures people only vote once, but also allows you to return to see and/or update your vote at any time (I’ve already added about a dozen more things to pick from) as well as see the current poll results. Expanding the park size is right now running first, with more ways to get DBs a close second. I’ll probably post a reminder in a week with the results at that time and then give it another week and then post those final results as well as send them to Ludia.

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