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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Looking Ahead: December 2019

Hello fellow dinosaur trainers,

Celebrate the holidays with Jurassic World: The Game and our 12 Days of gifts event! It’s back on December 14th, and will go on until the 25th. Log in and claim a daily gift leading up to a stunning holiday surprise on the twelfth day!

This month we’ll have Update 39 more details to come with the release notes, 4 tournaments and 1 boss battle.

We are also making changes to the Clash of Titans event and Clash of Champions events:

  • We are changing the level requirements to:
    • Clash of Titans: 60+
    • Clash of Champions: 15-59
  • We are changing the start dates:
    • Clash of Champions will now run from Monday-Monday
      Clash of Titans will begin the Dec 9th and run to morning of Jan 6th (still monthly)
    • We will be extending this week’s Clash of Titans/clash of champions to make this a seamless transition.

Sneak Peek at January 2020:

Special gift for New Years Day


Does this mean that Clash of Titans is going to be a weekly event too?

I hope your idea of stunning is the same as ours. :slight_smile:

Well only 22 days till you find out :slight_smile:


CoT will still be monthly, they are just switching the start and end date of the event. It used to start on Friday and run for a month until another Friday. It will do the same but start on a Monday, and then go for a month and end on a Monday. Thank you @Keith for clarifying the original post.


Not for nothing, last year’s Christmas present was a Stygimoloch


Sad life :frowning: I won’t be able to make the COT this month I’m only 49

I treasure that one and only Stygimoloch


I’m lvl 59… Was waiting for the new clash of titans, for it is one of the best ways to unlock powerfull dino’s for me… On 9 december, i hope to be lvl 60

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If it’s the day before and you are not quite there, make some space in your park and purchase and place decorations (the most expensive you have available) until you hit level 60 to ensure you can participate in the CoT event.


So, is anyone else starting to stockpile resources in anticipation of the 12 days of T-Rexmas? I seem to recall some amazing discounts last year. However at the time I was a new player and lacked the ability to make much of it.

I am not in the happy position of stock piling anything except for Kelenekens.

This time last year I was in a very desperate position due to low level and not playing regularly.

I wasn’t playing last year. I guess I need to stockpile. If it’s DBs I am in trouble. Lol


Last year’s Christmas Events


Need help! Trying to compete in battle of titans and I’m locked out. I’m at level 65 so it’s not that. There’s a progress bar that shows I’ve completed 27 of 28 (attack icon shown) but I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to have 28 of! Help!

Most of the events that you complete are counting for Clash of Titans, meaning you have to complete at least 28 events before CoT is unlocked.
Normally the new CoT should have started today, I’m afraid it is likely that you will not be able to unlock yours before it expires.

Nevertheless, welcome to our forum.


Have you completed today’s events? These are the last ones that will count toward unlocking the Troodon Clash of Titans. Tomorrow’s events begin unlocking the Edestus Clash of Titans

As @Tommi has stated above every day you have the daily events that are released. As you complete those events, for instance these are the ones from today:

You will get credit towards opening up the Clash of Titans event. You need to complete 28 of the daily events to open up the CoT event. Each CoT event runs for about a month and the current one expires today I believe, so if you haven’t done all of today’s events go and do another to get to 28. If you have already completed all of today’s events it appears you will be one short if opening up the event. A new one is supposed to start tomorrow I believe.

And welcome to the forums.


Hi Aimee! Welcome!


What sort of percentage discounts were they last Christmas? I can’t remember - we’re they better than the 20% off Creatures on a Thursday?

My brain is pretending to remember even 40-50% off, have I made that up?

Look higher up the thread. I posted an link to last years hot times/discounts