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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Looking Ahead: February 2019


Hello fellow dinosaur trainers!

February is upon us! In the next 28 days, we’ll be starting two tournaments, one of which will be the long-awaited return of the Gorgosaurus! For Valentine’s, you’ll be able to show your love for your community by helping them take out a mighty Boss!

Update 28 will go live in February, and will feature an additional feature to Code 19, as well as a revamped market!

Finally, as voted by the fans, the creature featured in the next Clash of Titans event (02/08 to 03/08) will be the Acanthostega!

Sneak Peek at March:
March Matches will be back! Prepare for a Tournament bonanza!


Thank you for the additional information on this post it is most appreciated.


Please ludia more space on the island, an idea for this would be to make an enclosure for the pterosaurs to put more dinos, ornaments and buildings.


Wow, tight poll.


Appreciate the update and the information… Thank you :+1:


Instead of voting, why not have a tournament where you get to pick which Dino you unlock (even if it’s only 1 of 3) Your method doesn’t make a lot of sense as you are only satisfying 1/3 of your customers while the other 2/3 are left unhappy…


That is an interesting thought.


Another idea. What if you get a better price when more of your dinos survive a battle.


I still haven’t encountered a code 19


A code 19 is when a dinosaur escapes (or is about to), and you get 3 things:

  1. a red box on the right side of the screen, under the special offers.
  2. a red attack icon over the dino pen that has the code 19
  3. Owen popping up to tell you that a dino is about to escape, and you can either contain it or send Owen to do it. (this might only be for the first code 19)

When the Owen-pop-up appears, the contain option makes you play the minigames to contain the dino, and the latter lets Owen automatically do it, but you reap no rewards.

Hope that helps :sweat_smile:


Its not a democracy.


I think that if you dont uses one of your 3 dinos at all in a battle their cool down cost should be half.

And by use i mean you dont use any action points with them.

If you start a battle and swap out of a dino then never use it …cool down is half.