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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Looking Ahead: January 2019


:tada: Happy New Year fellow dinosaur trainers!

January will see the inclusion of 2 new hybrids as well as another super hybrid. There will also be 2 Tournaments starting this month!

In addition, January will also see Update 27 which will include bug fixes and balancing tweaks. Finally, we’ll also be taking some time to involve the community on future Clash of Titans events via online polls so stay tuned!

Sneak Peek at February:
Update 28 will be a Major Update!


Hey Ludia i love your updates but please work on Triceratops this Dino have fought so many meat eaters even king of Dinos T Rex it she deserves to be Legendary or Super Rare!


Please, put the bosses to buy and play tournaments.