[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Looking Ahead: June 2019

Hello fellow dinosaur trainers!

June is Jurassic month! Join us as we celebrate the anniversary of the Jurassic World films and Jurassic World: The Game. Thematic celebratory events highlight iconic moments in the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films. In addition, players will have two tournaments and one awesome boss battle to contribute to. Players will also have the opportunity of winning an exclusive 4 year anniversary statue!

Sneak Peek at July:
Update 35 will feature new creatures and new MODs!


PLEASE HAVE A GASTORNIS TOURNAMENT THIS MONTH!!! It will balance the snow and cave types from the last two weeks. That, and I love big killer birds. Thank you for your consideration, Ludia team.

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  1. I think, it time to create leagues o guild (for join us o create ), and battle with others leagues
  2. Expand the park, or create a history like the movie, (about new island)
  3. People o IA that bring reality inside the island
  4. Or, we can have different point of view about the store or the games that we can put into the island, ( example: we can do zoom into the hotel. An the user can go in to the hotel an look the hotel and people)

Best regards
…I dream…

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How about an update that addresses the crashing issue?


Yes!!! I only can run a couple PvPs a day that will get me the Elite prize wheel and just had one ruined by the server bug. Fix this, and THEN spend time on making new mods (which the vast majority of us don’t like ANYWAY!!! New ones will NOT change that).


I hope that the zombie boss issue is fixed prior to the boss battle and that it is not concurrent with a tournament


Oh yeah don’t forget as well the random 4-point hit issue with the boss as well, that a lot of us hit in the last one, that could also have contributed to not meeting the goal too.

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Not sure if the 4 point boss attack is a bug TBH. It could be them making boss events harder.
Edit: Also, please don’t have the boss battle at the same time as tournaments.


Uggh, not thrilled at the idea they did this intentionally. I wouldn’t be opposed to it except that a lot of the missions can only be done when you decide to end the battle (x number of 6 and 7-point attacks, etc.) It definitely made me do less on this boss than I have on previous ones, since I never knew when it might take me out prematurely.