[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Looking Ahead: October 2018


Hello fellow dinosaur trainers,

October is here, and we’re excited to announce that this month you’ll be able to unlock two new creatures, one in an Aquatic Unlock event, and the other via a Tournament! In addition, two Boss battle events will see the light of day in October, and a new Clash of Titans event will feature the opportunity at another Unique creature!

Finally, for Halloween we’ve used the results of the Scary Dinosaur poll our community participated in to tailor our end of month events and offers!

Sneak Peek at November
A NEW Superhybrid and a Major Update!

Clash of Titans Event

Is it monostegotops? Pyritattor?


OH MY GOD CANT WAIT!!! I think they are adding in November aquatic and cenzoic hybrids!


Please give us new bosses!


I also have these 3 so I have 2 aquatic hybrids and a land creature with stat that I gave my self but first the aqauic hybrids first up is this

megleostus it’s fused with megalodon and dunkleosteus it’s name means big tooth bone and it’s level 40 stats are hp:11,368 attack:3,476 coins:283,854/12h
this is geourodon it’s fused with liopleurodon and geosaurus it’s name means mother of all teeth it’s level 40 stats are hp:9,860 attack:3,580 coins:224,986/12h
![20181003_210535|281x500] (upload://rfXMf9W8Qn9E8x1JpUYblEQF0qb.jpeg) this is brachiosaurus with level 40 stats at hp:2,856 attack:899 coins:189,071/7h with DNA cost at 8,200
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As long as the Major Update is not yet another major nerf to Dino buck acquisition. I’m currently sitting on 300 dinos to hatch but since many take a week and we can’t get near the Dino bucks we used to they sit in stasis :confused: I’d really like a rebalance on Dino bucks / hatching times please.


Ditto on the rebalance point. I could easily spend 70k coins (that I don’t have) just to use the DNA I’ve already accumulated, and that number grows daily. At this pace, it’ll be years before I ever see any of these hybrids I read so much about in the forums (indoraptor, stegodeus, and so on), and I’ll never make it out of the Badlands in the Arena, because for every battle I win I lose 4-5 it seems, because my dinos are stuck because I can’t afford to advance them.

I finally won two consecutive rounds in the arena last night, for the first time in what seemed like weeks (and was probably at least a week) and I am in there daily. I got within one win of finally making it to Lockdown, and then suffered enough defeats close together (dealt in many cases by bots I suspect, since my opponents seemed a little too perfectly matched to my deficits most of the time for it to be random) that in a span of barely over 24 hours I damn near ended up back in Nublar Jungle.

I could be wrong about this, but it seems to me that if the balance between how many coins I can reasonably find or earn, and how many I would like to spend on my dinos, were not so stacked against me (I am living on disability, so I can’t pour a ton of real cash into a game) then I might not have to get annihilated repeatedly for several hours before I enjoy a brief victory here and there. And then get crushed half a dozen times before I get another win.

I’m not suggesting the game should be so watered down and easy that a 5 year old can have a level 30 indominus rex in 3 days. But… I’m slowly reaching a point where making any progress in the game (and, yanno, having actual fun) feels like this mirage, on the other side of this chasm that gets wider and wider, till I wonder if I should just uninstall the app and drop the whole thing. I’m pretty sure that striking a more reasonable balance between how much coin one must spend, and how much one can reasonably find/ win/ earn, would go a long way to fixing that issue.


Can you make a Superhybrid in each section? Also, something that annoyed me. If you hybrid something like a majungasauras and an alanqua, then it should count as you having them both as lvl 40 for quests.