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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | March Matches


Hello fellow dinosaur trainers!

The March Matches event is back!

This March we’ll be throwing a new tournament every weekend, some of which will include new dynamic Rules, such as Rare or Carnivore creatures only. You’ll be able to check each Tournament’s Rules in the Battle Menu.

In addition, we’ve made some balancing tweaks to help you prepare for this huge event! As of February 18th, you’ll have greater chances to collect more DNA from the Trader as well as the Free Video option.

Share the love, tell your friends, and prepare to duke it out in March!

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So. I’m a noob. I’ve been triying to participate in matches. However, every time my opponents have dinosaurs way more advanced. It’s desapointing. I’m just going to stop triying, it whould be nice to have some cathegories just for us. Thanks


@Luciana which battle type are you referring too when you are getting out matched?


All battles (except those with the Jurassic World’ character). It’s frustating. I bought one hibrid. However, my 2th and 3th dinosaurs aren’t that powerful. I always have to fight with 3 dinosaurs super strong. I guess I’ll have to wait. I already expended 100 dlls buying dinosaurs and I’m VIP (and I’ve been playing for one month).


@Luciana Which number of battle option?


It took me more than half a year collecting and evolving dinos before I was able to complete most of the battles. To be honest, battleling has become much harder in the last 12 months.


I only participated in PVP.


@Luciana PvP will match you up based on the creatures you have selected. You need to focus on creating teams for PvP that will give you favorable match ups. I never take my best creatures in to PvP, as there is no need since the game will select a match up that meets my selected creatures. I have a post somewhere on the forums that talk about how to strategically select creatures for PvP to give a better chance of a good match up. You should be winning 80-90% of your PvP match ups as you progress in the game.


@luciana, just like @Sionsith mentioned, with a balanced team you can usually win. When a team is unbalanced with one strong and two weak creatures, it’s easy to have your team run over by stronger creatures. For example, this PVP with a balanced team on my side, and an “opponent” team that had one strong dino that was easily defeated.

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Any chance you can look at the prize wheels for pvp fights! No point putting dinosaurs out of action for hours, ore even days, to just win 5000 food or 11000 coins for an elite prize! Maybe the prizes should be more reflective of the level of competition. Just a thought.

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It seems to me that the prices were significantly reduced. For one week now I only got dino dollars or 5000 food. This it not worth the effort.