[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Mission Blockers

Hello fellow dinosaur trainers,

The team has been made aware that the shuffling of creatures to make a more balanced progression, has negatively impacted certain missions. Notably, the mission “in the loop” but other missions may have been affected. The team is working on identifying and changing the missions affected. Once done, we hope to have the new missions translated and uploaded as soon as possible. This process may take a couple of weeks, and we ask for your ongoing patience.

Thank You

Update Nov 15, 2019
Here is a list of Missions that we have identified as being progression blockers or can be updated to improve players progression:

Show Time
Guessing Games
Branching Out
In the Loop
Hunting Paths
Mucking About
Cracking the Code
Taking the BateSon
Blue Who?
Without Wu
Last Minute Landscaping
Mending Fences
What a Baby
Baby Blue
Reporting live from Jurassic World

We will update you when we have more information.
Thank You


The trodon event is just 24 days away and I still need to reach level 45 from level 33…please hurry up as I do not want to miss the event

Updated with a list of missions we are looking into.

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Your battle stage is independent of your park level. That is what you need to raise to compete in Clash of Titans. The quickest way to gain experience is to buy and place a bunch of decorations

The trodon event is applicable for level 45 and above players but the mission “in the loop” which I found at level 32 is not letting me progress. Now if I do not manage to reach level 45 in time I am going to miss that because of the ludia team’s fault. Please hurry up in fixing the missions.

You can still level up. Keep earning experience. Don’t get hung up on the Story Missions. Park level and story mission level have nothing to do with each other. So, hatch creatures, build decorations and buildings. Keep working at it

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Story missions give me xp

They do. But they’re not the only place to get XP

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It’s not possible to cross 12 levels by just buying decorations and hatching creatures.

If you have enough coins you can simply buy and sell the most expensive decoration (Apatosaurus fossil or Hammond statue) repeatedly. Each time you buy one you will get some XP.

This is the way to level up for most experienced players. I (level 85) stopped working on missions actively over 1,5 years ago.


I can’t buy those decorations at level 33

Each decoration gives you some XP.

If you are so eager to level up this is the only way to get additional XP.
It is a fact that Ludia has problems with a couple of missions. The say they are working on it. We have to live with that, it’s all we can do at the moment.


Hello everyone,
The new missions should now be in affect, Can anyone who was blocked please close and reopen your game and let me know if you have new mission objectives.
Thank You


Unfortunately, Upward Battle still requires either a level 31+ Indominus rex or an Indoraptor, so the long pause continues. Not that I expected those requirements to change, but a man can dream


I’m in the same boat as Andy. That one mission will probably block me for another 6 months at least. Kind of frustrating how much the game penalizes you for creating these too early and then throws a mission out there trying to force you to do it. But since the rewards for doing the missions are so lame, I’ve just learned to ignore that part of the game.

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Thanks for sharing. It helped me a lot, during the isolation period at home, I often took out the mod game to play. Jurassic World and Monster Legends APK Mod 9.4.1 are 2 games I play often