[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Mosasaurus Buff


Hello fellow dinosaur trainers,

Today we would like to announce that the mighty Mosasaurus has officially gone from a Legendary to a Unique class!


  • Max HP: 1,915
  • Max Attack: 599
  • Coins: 161,280 / 12hrs


  • Max HP: 3,064
  • Max Attack: 958
  • Coins: 258,048 / 12hrs

The Mosasaurus was our first aquatic creature, but also our first Tournament creature. Since then, Tournament creatures have been classed as Unique; more exclusive and formidable than their Legendary counterparts. With this buff, the Mosasaurus is once again among the toughest aquatic creatures in the game. This change will also be reflected in its card pack availability.