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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Post Update 36 Changes

Thank you @Jorge, I don’t think that all of us agree with your explanation but I appreciate the effort.
The reaction of our community would have been far less aggressive if this was posted before the update occurred.
A lot of the frustration was a result of not knowing what was going on and why.


@Jorge For me, the important part of the speed up isn’t the 5 minutes, but the 10%. Is that back up, or does it remain at 2-3%?


Nice to see that our concerns are being considered. Happy for VIPs getting their 3 trades back (even though now that you can’t trade for bucks they seem less useful but whatever)
I can personaly confirm the DB increase in the random trades.


It sounds like “future updates” will address speed-ups in general. Still we got some things back and an explanation (agree with it or not) for most of the rest

I’m happy to at least get the extra trade back. Honestly I used it for loyalty points most of the time anyway, so if there’s at least some balance for other ways to get DBs, that’s a better thing to get back for me at least. So far though, most of the trade offers for DBs are HUGELY unbalanced in the trader’s favor, so I rarely take them. And there really should be at least some chance to get them in things like Golden Packs. Maybe it can be lower than the other resources, but geez, put them back in there at least at some probability. This talk about how you are trying to better “balance” the difficulty of events and the rewards makes NO SENSE when you are making the rewards constantly WORSE. “Balance” throughout this update seems to just mean “make things harder for players so they have to spend more money”… because what has NOT been addressed is how often the matches are ridiculously unbalanced for players. The goal of a game like this should be to keep increasing the levels of your dinosaurs… these kinds of change just disincentivize me to do that as it makes doing so many rounds even more difficult.

Agree on the speedups too. Yeah, dropping the free speedups at 5 mins was particularly ridiculous, but that was hardly the thing we were particularly upset about or found so PETTY about this change. For those of us that can’t afford to speed up those 7-day tourney’s, the free speedup on the last day at least helped with what is a really absurdly long amount of time to hatch these. But sounds like you might be able to use something other than DBs to speed up in the future update(s)? Coins would be awesome!

Overall, this seems like an attempt to appease all the players with a single custom trade returned and VERY little else addressed.


@Jorge, this may sound crazy but why don’t see it that way:
Ludia publishes JW The Game to earn money, Ludia earns money if its customers are satisfied with the product they bought.

So, once you decided what there could be implemented in an upcoming update, why don’t you let your customers (us) vote what they would like to see and what not. You don’t need to follow this vote, but it could give you an impression of the best way to keep us happy.
The important thing about this is, when we are happy, more of us will become VIPs or come back and Ludia earns more money.

@Mary_Jo started something like that a while ago. You should have a look at it as inspiration.


It seems to remain as it is now.
I just evolved a rare from lvl 20 to 21. Needs 1 hour and there was no speed up available 6 minutes before the end.
I did not check if there was a speed up at 5 minutes, I really don’t care if they give me 5 minutes or not.

Here’s and 8 hour hatch, no speed up.


Hello Joao, along with the speed up at 5 minutes the team also increased it to 5%.


Thank you @Jorge. But I do agree with @Tommi in regards to this.
I can see your point in balancing out the economy, and I am glad Chanya is going to offer more dino buck trades (hopefully) But I’d argue that custom trades for dino bucks were already rather balanced. although I will admit. When custom trade first were added, not so much. (nearly a 1000 dino buck for a legendary dinosaur)
But as a VIP member, (yes, call me stubborn) I am glad that the 3rd custom trade is coming back. At least then, we can work on getting legendary dinosaurs to leave and wait for Chanya to offer dino bucks for them.

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I always play this game becuse i love everything about it thank you guys for listing to people hope we will able buy multipie buildings without going to the store again :blush:


Thanks, @Ned.

By the way, a more simple suggestion, you might ask the developers post the weekly schedule “in-game” somewhere. Perhaps in the mailbox? Quicker reference for players would be handy rather than leaving the game to look for it when planning out using dino’s that have longer cool down times, etc.


That’s… still lower than what we used to have, which, me being a person that has all incubators working 24/7 and does a bunch of speed ups on Tuesday and STILL can’t incubate beasties fast enough to keep up with the ones I get (without any DNA purchases), sucks hard. I’ll reserve judgement on that situation until we see these new “speed up methods” you mentioned, I guess.

Thanks for the reply.



Ludia/Jurassic world the game thanks for the free vip points definitely appreciate them keep up the awesome work just be a little more gentle with the next update I understand y’all are a company that needs to pay your employees and everything can’t be free but remember as a four year player and vip player since it was first offered I have seen a bunch of changes so hopefully in the future you will make being a vip member a luxury that means something have a wonderful day


One way to give us some control over speed ups could be to let us buy time with coins. Let’s say one hour for 20mio coins. It sounds incredibly expensive but it must be a challenge for experienced players too. This would be almost useless for new players but at least they would know that they can use it some day.
A one hour discount could then be used everywhere where timer are applied to reduce the remaining time of one certain active timer.
To get one day we would have to spend 480mio coins which is even for an experienced player a challenging amount.
That could be a way to give coins a new purpose besides food production (no problem for experienced players) and buying mods (I don’t want to possess thousands of mods some day).
And it would be a new strategic element too, since there are so many items in the game with timers.
Just a guess.


Agreed! I have almost 80 beasts waiting in my market and no hatchery to put them in. Same goes for evolving, why increase the price of the 2nd chamber and totally do away with the third when many of us use the heck out of it?!!


@Jorge I appreciate the prompt response by Ludia and the try to fix some of the damage caused.

Nevertheless it is still hard to understand that you guys didn’t inform the community upfront about those changes. These aren’t just minor optimizations they’ve a huge impact. You can’t just sneak those changes in and expect the community to just eat it.
I understand that it’s a tough sell to make everybody accept Dino bucks reductions, but you should’ve tried and this huge uproar could’ve been prevented.

Do I also read that right that you’re experimenting on the production system to balance PvE’s in ratio to the rewards?
Well experiment failed! Just yet again mind boggling how you can even try such things. Rewards weren’t great before your experiment and now it’s just ridiculous, I’m not cooling down my best Aquatics twice for a Climate Shift Pack! Not gonna happen!

I hope you’ve your lessons learned @Ludia and you can be lucky as this disaster has shown that people still care about the game and were providing you a lot of feedback. So please start to make use of your own passionated community and do some survey’s upfront when you do changes. The majority doesn’t mind changes and you might have not noticed, but there’re some pretty experienced vets on your own in-house forum who could provide valuable feedback if asked.

I’ll monitor this from now on and will consider to re-subscribe my VIP, again I appreciate the efforts to correct the mishaps.

BTW I only had 1 custom trade after refresh, I hope I’m back to 3 soon.


To little to late vip canceld.
It is not worth it.
You should bring back the bucks in the pack and let us trade dinos for bucks at the harbor.
You are greedy and i cant enjoy the game the same way i did half a year ago

Well, if they dont fix this before the month is over, Im canceling my sub to VIP. Waste of money now that it’s no fun…

This was quick for them to address this issue.

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At least they are demonstrating that they are aware of the community responses and are listening. They may not be able to give us everything on our wishlist - it is a business that needs to make money afterall - but at least they show that they care what we have to say about the decisions made.
Don’t know if any of you have watched the Gaming Beaver’s scathing review, but I think he nailed it on the head around the 3-minute mark when he states that the decisions made for all these changes came from the “suits”, the “higher-ups”. I’m sure the creators of the game had little choice but to cater to those who hold the purse-strings sort-to-speak.
I think the decision to reverse some previous changes mean that they are fighting for us as much as they can with the “corporate stiffs”.
All-in-all, I am happy there was a swift response to address some concerns, and while there are other concerns, it’s a step in the right direction and I hope it continues that they maintain communication and as much transparency as possible with us going forward.