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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Post Update 36 Changes

At least they are demonstrating that they are aware of the community responses and are listening. They may not be able to give us everything on our wishlist - it is a business that needs to make money afterall - but at least they show that they care what we have to say about the decisions made.
Don’t know if any of you have watched the Gaming Beaver’s scathing review, but I think he nailed it on the head around the 3-minute mark when he states that the decisions made for all these changes came from the “suits”, the “higher-ups”. I’m sure the creators of the game had little choice but to cater to those who hold the purse-strings sort-to-speak.
I think the decision to reverse some previous changes mean that they are fighting for us as much as they can with the “corporate stiffs”.
All-in-all, I am happy there was a swift response to address some concerns, and while there are other concerns, it’s a step in the right direction and I hope it continues that they maintain communication and as much transparency as possible with us going forward.


image I checked all four events for Saturday and Sunday they have increased the amount of battles to complete all four we will have to use 48 dinosaurs with out a loss if we lose the amount increases and in all the packs no Dino bucks maybe I miss understood that they were experimenting with the increase to give better rewards but there are no changes in the rewards looks like to me that they have only done half of what they said increase the amount of battles but no better rewards


You have overlooked that one of the events is cenezoic and I am sure that the VIP event will be aquatic. Furthermore you forgot one event.
My calculation says 27 dinosaurs, 15 cenezoics.(the hardest part from my point of view) and 15 aquatics.


There’s no way I’m trying that Dino Charge in the middle of a tournament, considering how often I lose those! At least the ceno and aquatic ones I am able to do without having to worry about falling behind in the tournament. Really frustrating when they dump all of these Golden Reward events on the days the tournament is busiest (and so few earlier in the week when its not going on). This is not what I consider “balance” at all!


I think we should not assume to win each available event always.
It is a fact that there are far more events available now as they used to be a year ago or so.
Let’s assume, I’m not sure, 1 year ago there were 2 events now there are 6. If I win 4 of them it is still more as it used to.
I believe to remember that when I started to play there were only 4 or 5 events in a week.

I understand that, and it’s my choice to decide whether or not to do them during a tournament, and avoid possibly having to pay for cooldowns (easier decision when the packs don’t even have DBs any more)… but it just isn’t reasonable to increase the number of rounds needed at the same time.

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On the flip side, just won a Common pack in the tournament… and got 100 DBs in it. So at least some packs other than the tournament prize still have DBs. For now at least (hope they don’t go and remove them from these too just by my pointing it out… sometimes I feel we can’t praise the things we like or they’ll go and take them away).


It is their way to tell us that we need more animals. To get them we most probably need bucks (or a lot of patience) and then there’s the main problem again.


I think it’s more just trying to get players to pay for more cooldowns (this makes more sense, because of the concurrent reduction in the free cooldown speedup). Regardless, it’s certainly NOT about making the game more “balanced” for players, but just more difficult so that they are forced to use DBs to complete events or to quickly hatch and evolve additional dinos.

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When I said 48 dinosaurs I had combined all three groups together to get that total from all four events

What one did I forget I only have four showing for Saturday and Sunday other than the tournament and when I said 48 dinosaurs I combined all three categories to get that total

I always complete every event every day including the daily missions out of the last four years I have done this the past year just my way of playing this game

This one is missing

OMG @Jorge thank you so much for this it will really help to revive the game after the previous mistakes that were made, now all you have to do is bring back cash in packs from battles and everyone will stop crying but I’m really glad you’re addressing this.

Thanks for letting me know I had powered down my phone when I turned it back on and logged in the game it showed up I guess there was a glitch that was not letting me see this event

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Honestly I was extremely disappointed when I found that trading for Dino Bucks was a feature removed from the trading post. I have been playing JW for over two years and have a VIP membership mostly to get dinobucks from from trading.
At this point I’m unsure of wether I want to continue to play JW because of all the obstacles related to obtaining dinobucks. Im very invested in this game and all around love it, But with no sustainable way to continue receiving dinobucks without paying for them, it seems unrealistic to continue playing with the hopes of further advancing.
On another note relating to DB, I have completed numerous TapJoy DB offers and even “PAID” in some of them but never received any sort of compensation.

I did a LOT of Tapjoy rewards my first few months playing, and I can testify to them often not working automatically. However if you go to the Tapjoy screen and tap the menu icon in the top left, you should be able to access the list of rewards you have opened and from there, open a support request for anything you completed. You typically need to provide a screenshot as proof, for things like reaching a certain level of a game, or proof of purchase for non-game purchases, etc. I’ve always gotten my rewards that I provided the necessary proof for.

the only thing that i see in the new update that we are not going to get dino bucks max 45 in daily mission pack and max of 90 on vip pack every five hour when a speed up cost more than 100 xtra incubetor 100. how are we going to get bucks? if we cant custom trade for bucks. you are talking about economy balance… how do i spend 42,000,000 coins?? when is to easy to spend 200 bucks that you hardly get we pay you vip membership to get that trade. i pay this game becouse my son like dinos and he like the game. so i play the game to collect bucks for him to spend in the game, i play for days to get 1,000 bucks that my son spend in a few minutes on speed up so there is not economy balance in the game and less now.

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I’m not thrilled with the recent changes however I have a bigger issue. Since the inception of the Prize Drop I cannot come close to keeping up. How about a day of instant free hatching? I have over 700+ dinosaurs waiting to be hatched! It continues to get worse over time.

I used to be the same way. When i first started this game I told myself I’m going to hatch every dinosaur I ever get… then i started getting super rares and realized its impossible. You’ll never be able to hatch all of your dinosaurs. Once you hit 1000, your market will just show “999+” hahaha!

This made me want to calculate how many dinosaurs are just sitting in my market unhatched… it’s 2,784!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The dinos I have the most of are: Megaloceros (120), Entelodon (120), Andrewsarchus (113), Sarkastodon (115), Amphicyon (113). And I’ve only been playing for like 18 months or so. I can’t even imagine the backlog of dinos that the 4-year-long players have, etc.