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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Post Update 36 Changes

Yeah, that’s pretty much like how I managed it, by sacrificing the wooly to a gamble against the thylas. Next fight includes 2 level 40 smithetoceras, because that’s my life now, I guess.


Got to get some Caverns

So, as a VIP reward we get the one free trade back that was removed and time to complete VIP battles reduced to one day. Are they trying to get rid of VIP players? With all this pushing players to use MODs why not something like VIP players don’t have to use DB for Silver and Gold MOD packs? Instead we get nerfed VIP battles


Welp, it’s official - this Beasts of the Biodome is the first event I’m not completing since I started playing (which is, admittedly, a lot less than some other people here), because there’s no way I’m getting past two level 40 Smithetoceras. Great “rebalance” you lot did here.

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I was curious to see what the Gaming Beaver would say about this additional followup, since he had a fairly big following of players. Summary: about as unimpressed as the rest of us.


I actually watched the video. Seeing GB for the first time, I believe.

After watching that video and thinking about my experiences with this game and Alive. Alive does not have reload times on dinos at all. It limits the amount of times you can lose a battle and uses bucks to buy more attempts. I would say the number one reason players of JWtG hoard bucks and don’t like spending them on MODs and stuff is the reload times. They need to have a huge number saved up, don’t want to waste it on other things and don’t want to have to keep buying huge packs every week just to play the game. Remove the reload times and replace them with attempts. That will help make players DB spenders and not hoarders of free bucks

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