[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Raptor Paddock is Going Under Renovation

Hello fellow Dinosaur Trainers,

The Raptor Paddock will soon be under renovation. The renovations will mean the end of both Boosters and Boosted Events, and the coming of an even better way to interact with your Raptor Squad and gain battle advantages!

A timeline detailing the sunsetting of Boosters features can be found below.

Stay tuned for more information on when you can expect to see the new and improved Raptor Paddock reopen.


  • April 27th: Last Boosted Event
  • May 01st: Raptor Paddock Closing
  • TBA: Raptor Paddock Reopening

I guess it depends on what the current Raptor Paddock system gets replaced with, but I will miss the current setup. It provided a good way to fulfill multiple daily missions: food, card packs, and speed ups.


Why the change? I don’t recall seeing many complaints about this part of the game.


@Jorge what is to happen to all of the boosters currently in inventory? Will players be compensated for those boosters, since resources have been spent to acquire them over time? Will there be a trade in event that will allow the players to swap their boosters for the resources they choose?


" Change, my dear. And it seems not a moment too soon"

(Hope everybody knows where that quote is from)
While i will miss the current paddock, and it’s true that the current system is fine, i find change to be exciting. Let’s hope it’s for the better


Probually they will get better boosters or mabye the resources to give will get a change


I for one hope the raptors may end up playable

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I wonder if people just really don’t do anything with boosters other than use them for trades. I know I just don’t even bother with the boosted PvP matches since the opponent always seems to have the best boosters and is able to perfectly use them against whatever I do, such that I never win those. I’m too new in the game to throw boosters away on just practicing for a PvP match that may or may not result in a reward that in any way compensates for the cost of creating the boosters in the first place. They just are too expensive for me and far more useful for trades. The boosted events where I can use them but not your opponent seem equally slanted in the other direction, I rarely even use a booster and at most, only use one, since they are typically easy to win without them (this last one was almost comically easy when you just had 2-3 dinos all of the same class and just had to put up ones with the class advantage… if you couldn’t win that without using boosters, well, that’s not good!)

So not sure what we will be seeing but I’m not entirely surprised by the change if the developers have looked at the way boosters are used and find that the vast majority of them just become trade items, such that people have less need to spend money on the game.

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@Mary_Jo I used it for the free speed up. They paddock had a 24 hr cool down so wait an hour after my daily missions reset, train 3 of them to level one, then hit end training and by the time the missions reset the next day they would be in the free speed range. (The fact that I would get a card pack with some regularity helped justify the training costs).

But yeah I mostly just traded the cards


I rarely do Boosted PVP. I think there may have been a story mission where I needed to early on. When it comes to the boosted events, if there is a traditional Jurassic tournament going on, I use boosters so that I can save my better creatures for the tournament. Lately, with the aquatic and Cenozoic tournaments, I’ve not had to use boosters.

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As @Sionsith asked, will we get compensated for all the boosters being taken away? I’ve spent a good deal of resources building up my defense raptor and I’d be really sad to see all that work and resources go to waste.

I do understand that the boosters were both OP and useless at the same time, and so I’m not happy nor sad to see them go. I’m just worried about the effort I pumped into my boosters.


I never bothered with boosted PvP, but have been doing it here and there since our boosters will soon go away, and Ludia has made no promises of recompense for their loss.

Mostly, it’s not worth it. The rewards are not any better than regular PvP. Who wants to lose four boosters to win 6,000 or 12,000 food, or, worse, pointless coins?

That said, super DNA is thrown into the mix of possible prizes, though I’ve won 20 Velociraptor DNA once out of maybe ten victories.

Long & short: boosted PvP isn’t worth it, but if we’re going to lose our boosters anyway, and you want to try for some super DNA, give it a spin.


I hope that we are not gonna lose the boosters.
We all invested a lot of resources, they can not afford to simply delete them. There must be a compensation for every booster in our stock, and I don’t mean dollars.


My thing is I wish they would run a special offering more incubators in the hatchery. I have so many dinosaurs I need to get catch. 4 just isn’t enough.

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Hi Shirley. Like boosters, I eventually treat them as tradeable assets. Ludia needs to watch the pace of the game, so I think faster hatching means speeding up too much for their comfort. Anyway, this morning, some crazy trades of booster cards for S-DNA. I’m actually short on some boosters for 2 of those trades. Will see if trades for those boosters show up later today. Irony of ironies. Boosters oh boosters, where are thou oh boosters?


Yep boosters are being traded in for the good stuff:


I’m actually short on these two, already traded the ones I could. Hope these show up later today for coins or maybe food.

I had the same ones as you I wonder if each day they will offer a trade for a different type of booster until they have cycled through all of them. But it does look like everyone is getting the same offers.