[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Rebalancing Asset Distributions


Hello fellow dinosaur trainers,

We would like to confirm that due to the numerous additional events now present every week, our designers have had to rebalance some of the event prizes in order to maintain a steady output of resources that will not harm the game.

In addition, the now customizable Trade Harbor will help mitigate this rebalancing.

In Battle Events, the following card packs will be replacing the Common, Rare, and Super Rare packs that were given as rewards for completing the Events:

  • Zinc reward pack
  • Bronze reward pack
  • Silver reward pack

Thank you all for your understanding and support - we intend to keep Jurassic World: The Game healthy and running for a long time!


You won’t keep this game going for much longer if you keep the bracketed tournaments!! I don’t have the necessary dinosaurs to compete yet I’m being matched up against people or bots with far superior to mine!! It’s disgusting and so is the price of the packs!!


Couldnt agree more


Designers, you’re going to lose a lot of friends if you make those packs loaded with just coins/meat. Especially since you have completely nerfed all means of getting dinos bucks: lower chance of cinozoic pack: cinozoic packs give less Dino bucks: trade harbor only can trade 1 booster at a time (this is especially troublesome since players are required to obtain many booster cards daily) overall trade rate for Dino bucks has been lowered. Most players will continue to drown in 99 mil coins. I must tip my hat to the designers as they know how to make money. Squeezing Dino bucks is a great way to push micro purchases. Without profits we wouldn’t have a game. You will have no complaints from me if there is a tournament every weekend :slight_smile: Still a great game overall!