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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | S-DNA Rotation


Hello fellow dinosaur trainers,

With more Superhybrids being created at InGen’s lab, corresponding S-DNA will begin rotating.

Here is a quick breakdown as to how these rotations will function:

  • The Velociraptor’s S-DNA, needed for the Indoraptor, will remain in the rotation.
  • A second S-DNA will also always be present, these will rotate in and out.
  • Both available S-DNAs will be available in the S-DNA missions.
  • All S-DNAs (including those out of rotation) will be available in the Fight for Fusion and certain card packs.
  • S-DNA will still be available through Code 19 events.


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So when the S-DNA goes out of rotation, will that be lost, or will we still have that same amount the next time the same S-DNA is brought back into rotation? For example, will we lose all our hard work collecting the Monostegoceratops (sorry for the misspelling) S-DNA when it rotates out, or will we still have that same amount the next time it is rotated back in?


This is what I was thinking given the two currently grey S-DNA slots. Though I can understand why Indoraptor would be out of the rotation. Given how much you need to create it, only to wait so long until you can get the S-DNA for it again.

Also a question to Ludia. How often would this S-DNA rotation change? Will it be say once a month, or every few months?