[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Saint Patrick's Day Special

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Available Tuesday March 17, 2020 only

Special Mystery Pack

Four Mighty Money Events:

8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
8:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Revenge of the Raptors

All day Hot Time

50% Battle Cooldowns


All-DB cards inside each pack? :flushed:

Or any? Mighty Money is usually just coins. Meh.

It’s not polite to criticise a gift but I’m absolutely not interested in battle cooldowns. A 50% discount on hatchery speedups would have been great.
Nevertheless, thank you Ludia. :four_leaf_clover:


I assumed that the color green still represents St. Patrick’s Day? Or is gold the new green nowadays? :flushed:


If the previews of the Prize Packs are to be believed, we’re in for quite the pile of coins. Pots of gold at the end of rainbows.

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It’s about time to give us some gold, I desperately need it.
Screenshot_20200316-193308_Jurassic World


At least should help me catch up on Clash of Titans. Had 26/28 completed before was hit with the reset bug :pleading_face:


Thank you, @Keith, for the heads up!

Hey, you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. All those coins are great, and packs mean loyalty bucks. You can trade those coins to Chanya or stock up on MODs (which you can later trade). Bring it on, baby.

Thanks, Ludia.


So special that I couldn’t notice what lit was that’s special.:flushed:

thats happen to me. Write that in support they give you one gorgo and unlock it for you as a compensation.

Don’t forget the S-DNA!!


Any tips on “Revenge of the Raptors”?

9 computers is a LONG way to go. I got to the last one once… I was just out of points. I even “farmed” up full points on the first dino before knowing him out.

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Make sure you are using all Amphibians. Kill the first one right off. Then go into full reserve mode, unless the computer attacks. Until you get close to the end, don’t waste attacks trying to overpower shields. You can go through one, maybe two defense points, but don’t waste the effort to go through more. Do more reserving than blocking. Attack to kill. Have patience.


Patience is definitely the way to get through these. I lost them a lot when I first started playing them because I didn’t take enough time trying to get through each opponent. Now, I do a lot more blocking until I know the opponent only has 1, maybe 2 points to block with, rather than wasting points when he might have 3 or 4. Likewise being patient to build up more reserve points after each attack to always stay at the max…and then knowing when to sacrifice and move on to the next with max points.

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I did what @Andy_wan_kenobi suggested, killing the first one right off and trying to build up reserves.

If the AI attacks me and I know they saved 1 action point, I would do 2 attack. Then sometimes the new raptor that comes in doesn’t attack, so instead of guessing or wasting action points/health I use shields. If the raptor doesn’t attack, they usually use 2 shield and 2 reserve so I would do 4-5 shields depending on action points to minimize damage taken.

The AI will usually attack with 5-6 attacks after that, then you don’t need to guess and know how much attacks to take out the raptor without wasting action points. I usually built up 8 action points during the 2nd raptor battle. Then I would use 4 Reserve, 2 Shield, 2 Attack. I get 8 action points again next turn and would have killed the raptor and minimize any incoming damage if the raptor attacks next turn.

This is probably good until 4-5 Raptors remaining, because it gets harder and takes 3 Attacks to kill a raptor. But, this is where I lose my first dino but you should be good at this point.

I put my strongest Lv10 VIP Amphibian last (527 ATK), because this lets me finish the last 2 raptors with 2 attacks, instead of 3. The first 2 are the same strength, 405-413 ATK.

Hope that helps, you still have time to finish.

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Thanks @Lucky14 . Had already done so.

That for the tips. I wasn’t able to beat the first one. The ending dinos are stronger than mine. My ferocity is only around 1300. Maybe next time when my dinos are stronger. (I don’t have any VIP dinos, my top are legendary, all less than lev20.)