[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Stars and Battle Filters


Stars removal and Creature filtering in Battle

The following is to clarify the decision taken to remove the stars from the game, and to shed some light on the new Battle filter feature.

After much deliberation, the decision was made to remove the stars from the game. Despite being highly featured since launch, the stars did little more than to confirm the information already available through the creature’s Level (bottom left), and Rarity (color of profile frame).

More importantly, however, is that the visual real estate allotted by the removal of the stars has opened the doors to many new and exciting possibilities for future Updates. All things considered, we are currently still processing the impact of removing the stars and, moving forward, what the best course of action for the game will be.

Creature Filters in Battle
In the attempt to offer players more control over building their teams and finding the desired dinosaurs, we added the new filter system to Battles. This being said, we have heard your feedback, and are going to work on adding a “default” option, for those who wish to have their dinosaurs sorted in the same way prior to this new feature.

We will have more details on all of the above as we move closer to our future Updates so be sure to stay tuned.

Finally, thank you all for your passion and support, we are listening and actively working towards improving the game for the best fans on the planet!


Welp, since this new feature is coming up I guess my dinosaurs aren’t going to be good noodles anymore. image