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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Tournament Issue (July 2019)

Hello fellow dinosaur trainers,

We have become aware of an issue affecting Loyalty Points rewards in Tournament battles. We are currently working on a fix to address this issue however, this will require a new update. As a thank you for your cooperation we’ve sent you rewards that match the maximum possible Loyalty Points collected in a Tournament:

  • Regular Players: 1,300 Loyalty Points
  • VIP Subscribed Players: 2,600 Loyalty Points

Furthermore, the upcoming Tournaments will be canceled until the fix has been pushed live. This will be accomplished sooner than later so as to mitigate any negative impact on your experience.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.
Jurassic World: The Game Team


Does this mean the VIP tournament is canceled that is on the schedule for Saturday?

I’m guessing that’s the case. Bummer, I was really excited about that one.

I was looking forward to get one of those very rare (not the JW rare) Wuerhosaurus.

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Same here… the VIP ones are not nearly as hard for me to finish in Dominator so I should have been able to get him. Hopefully we’ll get it again soon.


Same,while I am sad about the VIP tournament being canceled. (Hopefully, they’ll let us do it soon) I am a little happy, because that means I can focus on maxing out my mastodon and other creatures.

Hi, Unfortunately the VIP Tournament that was scheduled for this Saturday is canceled.

I was waiting to see if the weekly schedule was going to be updated…

Thank you for the confirmation.

Hi Ludia,

According to the battle schedule published earlier in the week, there was supposed to be a VIP Tournament for the Wuerhosaurus today yet it has not appeared in the VIP battle section?


Question answered, apologies for the post…

That is annoying!

Please also lessen the number of fights to earn packs. They need balanced better and dino bucks added back since we generally have to spend on cool downs. It’s not worth it without bucks.