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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Upcoming Changes 09/12/2019


Hello Everyone,

We would like to thank you all for the feedback given these last couple of weeks.

Based on this feedback we will continue making changes to better align our vision of Jurassic World: The Game with yours.

Starting next week, we will be decreasing the number of events per day and will also be changing some of the events to be between 3-5 rounds instead of always 5. We will continue to fine-tune and find the best balance between challenging and rewarding.

Finally, thanks to your feedback each week on a select day we will be giving out Dino Bucks on our Facebook page through our posted links.

Thank You


So finally Ludia listens to us!
Thank you @Keith for these nice news :slight_smile::smiley:

Thanks ludia/Jurassic world the game for letting us know about the changes coming sounds good can’t wait to see new prizes based on the events and the Dino bucks from the Facebook page post

Whew, thank goodness! Although personally I didn’t mind the number of events so much as the number of rounds per event, in fact I rather liked having more. I like having lots of things to do every day, it was only when there was also a tournament and/or boss event that it started to get to be a little dicey. It was the combination of BOTH lots of events as well as lots of rounds, often for a not-very-decent prize at the end that was the issue, because I HAD to at least do some of the rounds every morning for every event in order to be sure that stuff could CD by the end of the day to finish it. With fewer rounds, it’s not as big an issue and I can take more time to complete them all.

Even with the challenge, I think I only ended up skipping one PvE out of all of them… no one is making players do everything if they don’t have the time or creatures to get through everything. Leaving the higher number of events but not having so many rounds in each would strike a nice balance for me. Something that only gives a spin of the prize wheel with a low chance of a pack should be only 3 rounds, ones that have a cheap pack like the Cenozoic pack, 3-4 rounds, ones with a Golden Pack, those could be 5 rounds (or 3 for the stampedes of course… please do not EVER make those more than 3! LOL).


@Keith, will you give out those dino bucks on Twitter too?
I am not and never will be on Facebook.


Aaaaaand speed-ups? What about them?

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The links are usually also included on our twitter post.

Note: We use the same link on both platforms, so if you collect on one, you won’t be able to collect by clicking it on another platform.


Hello Joao,
What about speed-ups? I have no new information to share about them, but what changes would you like to see and I will share it with the team.

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Hi @Keith, maybe we can make some use of coins in speed ups.
Something like buying 1 hour speedup for 20mio coins…or cheaper.


Well, if it’s likes we’re talking about, for starters I’d LIKE my “free at 10%” back. I’m not holding my breath for that, though. But we were told Ludia was working on new ways to speed-up, and there’s been no news on that front since then (and since, imo, they should’ve been implemented with the free@10% removal, they’re already behind schedule)

Thanks for the reply.

EDIT: Honestly, for “new speed-up methods”, I’d love to be able to turn DNA/LPs into hatchery speed ups - I have 300k of one and 160k of the other, because they’re used for little else than buying critters and there’s no way I’m doing that when I can’t hatch the ones I get from events/prize drop/free packs nearly fast enough to keep up.