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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | VIP Hot Times 06/16

Here is a list of the additional Hot Times added for VIP players this week.


For clarification, All the times are Eastern Time.


Are these only for this week or will these be a more permanent addition? And same question for the additional VIP events this week?

Both the Hot Times and VIP events are a more permanent addition. The team may tweak them as we go along to make sure everything is balanced.


Thank you for the additions to improve the VIP membership, very grateful!


For everyone… I created a combined spreadsheet for myself of all the hot times/discounts available now. Then I put a copy of it on @Mary_Jo’s spreadsheet that we all manage as a group. I pulled the times from @Sionsith’s previous post as well as the ones in this post so they could all be incorporated in the same place. Hopefully I got everything to be in the correct time zones. I just thought it might be useful to see them all in one place. And then also sorting by type of discount so that if you’re looking for a particular one, you can now find it easier (hopefully) by day.


Thanks for adding that. The problem is that these times do not stay consistent year round. Ludia is often weeks, even months behind, on updating them when DST changes roll around.

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Yup… very true. I know that once I notice them change, I’ll go through and update the spreadsheet. At least they always seem to switch together, so I can just go in and just each of them by 1 hour.

You might want to just add them as another column so you don’t have to always change them back and forth. We can then just use a color highlight for what the current active times are.

Thrilled to hear these are permanent! Now I don’t have to try and get up in the middle of when I’m usually asleep to use a Hatchery discount!! Yeah!

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That’s definitely a better idea! I’ll work on that as soon as the times change. :slight_smile:

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