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[News] Jurassic World: The Game | Wheels Issue (05/21)

Hello fellow dinosaur trainers,

Please note that an issue with the PvP Reward Wheels has been discovered. This issue is affecting the possible resources usually available. A fix is currently in the works.

Our apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your support.


I hope they are fixing the other bugs in the PvP events! No one seems to be replying to the in-game support so no idea if my reports on these bugs have even been seen. Frankly, there should be a much better way to report bugs.

Can we have more info on this? What’s screwed up and what’s intended? Is the non-MOD LvC PvP going to be worth doing again?

I am guessing we’ll be seeing the other stuff back on the land PvP wheel. I guess I’m going to be playing it a LOT today before it goes back to the lame coin and food rewards!

I think the new MOD’s are really good. And have made MOD enhanced fights more enjoyable. But please fix the trades for the MOD cards! The trades offered are absolutely ridiculous and not worth doing.

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I hope they are not “fixing” the Land vs Cenozoic standard wheel. It was a welcomed change to seeing the crappy coin and food rewards gone. Even if that meant just common creatures and common packs.


The only change I would want to see on the PvP wheel would be at least some chances to get better things as your dino level reaches advanced and/or elite. It was already hard enough in the game to get rares and super rares, they need to be on the PvP wheels again, even if mixed in with the commons at much lower probabilities. A rare chance to get the golden packs again would be welcome as well.

Really? Cause I routinely got SR (and the veeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyy scarce Legendary) from them, plus DBs, which in my book is worth wasting a few spins getting coins/food.

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I’m assuming he meant he hopes we are not just getting food and coins added back to the new commons-only wheel. That’s kind of what the update information sounds like.


This is true I did the same and yes it was worth it but I also had to use my higher level creatures to do so. Maybe I just got nostalgic with using my old commons which I have not used for ever as they are worthless IMHO if the coin and food rewards come back on the wheel.

I’m definitely kind of torn in terms of definitely happy not to be getting the almost useless cheap coin and food rewards and having to watch ads all the time and love being able to land on packs that often have DNA and DBs as well as lots of LPs pretty frequently. But I do agree as well that leaving no chance to get other rarity types at ALL other than in modded events needs to be fixed.

Was the updates intent also to reduce the rewards for the different levels on the Prize Drop as well? I am not sure why DinoBucks were removed from the occasional packs that you would land on for the prize wheel at each level and why the Loyalty points for the Diamond pack were reduced down so much. I am not sure if this was done during the last update or if it had been done sooner and I just happened to land on a pack right after the update.


Yeah I’ve really been debating whether to keep doing the lottery particularly since it uses so much of my LPs and I still am missing so many of the VIPs in the 10K packs still (I seem to have a real knack for getting the same ones over and over again), and have so many tournaments to hatch out, doesn’t help that I seem to hardly ever win the daily ones (even the 5% one) but I did finally win the pack reward on the last one, and noticed the same thing you did, how much reduced the rewards from it were. Guess they are testing out to see how much they can reduce the rewards before the players will stop playing them.

You should totally keep doing the lottery - the last prize box (diamond) seems to give the best quality beasties, the VIP legendaries that take 6 hours to hatch.

Yes, but that’s what I get with the 10K packs, the cost is fairly similar in LPs by the time you get to the diamond prize, but you have to also spend food, DNA etc. to get there. They’ve now dropped the rare down to a common, so really the main benefit is the guarantee of a SR and Legendary that you get at the silver and gold levels and the slight chances of getting a better reward.

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I will continue to do the prize drop as I get more Food and DNA out of the cost compared to the 10k pack. Over the last two weeks I averaged over 6 million additional food and more than 5,000 extra DNA each week over the cost of the entries. And there are the additional extra creatures that happen occasionally when you hit some of the better 1% chance items.

Mary_Jo, for whatever it’s worth, I only do the daily LP lottery if top prize is a pack or VIP dino. If I don’t hit the diamond prize Monday morning, I’ll just pay up the difference in DB. One time, I actually finished the week outside diamond, in the gold pack range. Come reset time, I was given 2 options, one for the gold pack and one for the diamond, priced accordingly, of course. So, up to you how you wish to strategize, but that’s what I do.


Out of curiosity, could you have bought both packs? I see a similar offer when I get the dreaded reset.

Thanks, that sounds like a good idea. Logically I know the prizes are worth spending the points as long as you do enough to get to the diamond prize, but a lot of times it just really hurts to have to lose that many points for a daily prize range that is kind of lame.

No, can’t buy both packs. I bought the diamond pack and wasn’t offered the gold again.