[News] Leap Year Event Fail - what should be posted

We tried to let Charlie code… Honestly he was better than most of our dev team but raptors suck at math… And this lead to a complete and utter failure of our leap year event… I mean… Yeah, it was horribly bad. Not at all what we intended… you can get common velociraptor anywhere! Why did you put him in there Charlie? So we will remove the rare and commons and increase the amount of drops to 1/4th of all drops to make up for this embarrassment of an event… Stupid Charlie… This will happen next leap year day! No… Just kidding, were going to keep it going for tomorrow. This is where someone who cannot read the room comes in and offers donuts… We’ll feed that person to Delta… Delta only put out high quality code, she deserves a treat. So, happy hunting tomorrow, now with the Dino’s we said would be there!