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[News] Lovelink | Network Error (October 30, 2020)

Everyone who hasn’t received the compensation gift, update the app!!! I did and I’ve received the gems


100 gems is nothing really compared to what I missed out on not being able to get the game to load for 3 months.I missed out on over 1,400 some gems and that’s using math that calculates me only collecting gems 2 times each day. I normally do more than that.


I just updates but I’m still getting the L1-5 Error message on matches. So do I have to unlatch then rematch for the update to work?

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Installed the game yesterday and now I got the L1-5 error. I even deinstalled the game but if I re-log with my account the error reappears.
Can you please fix this problem again this game is to addictive :see_no_evil:

I keep getting the error message every time I enter the app, and it’s been happening for several hours
I want to delete the game and redownload it but I have spent some money on it already and I’d rather not lose progress
I’ve searched other topics, but it seems a lot of people have been having the same problem, so please fix this ASAP :frowning:

Guess what? Just barely started getting the error again. What the heck?

Ludia, when in the world will this L1-5 Error be gone forever because we the people need to play the game without issues to keep playing your game.

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had a few issues,seen people talk of others & still things happen. at this point just seams like a buggy game that got put out too soon before everything was finished writing wise& testing. who knows what it is exactly but know others are tired of things too,not just things going wrong. some even just want to give up& leave but they don’t since they invested too much real $ into it so decided they will just stick around& hope things get better soon,or something like that. regardless have not seen that much in the way of good things lately so much as frustration & reports of things going wrong or not looking as they should. quite a shame really.