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[News] May 11th, 2020 | Arena Trophy Changes and Bug Fixes

A small update was pushed to the game servers. No update is required. However, you may need to restart your game for it to take effect.

Trophy Changes:

The amount of trophy’s needed to move onto the next arena has been modified.

Bug Fixes:

  • Duplicate Legendary Gear

  • Unreleased Silverhand Gear


This seems to have crashed my game and I can’t log back in…

Hi Clancularius, I am sorry you are unable to get in the game, if you haven’t already you should contact

I tried again and was able to get back on. Must have been fixed on the servers.

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@Ludia_Developers. I am confused by the update notes.
Support has denied a bug is causing the 2-for-1 duplicates.
How does a non-existent get corrected?

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They actually admitted it more or less in a response to me:

“We are currently investigating this issue… However, please note that this issue will remain in-game until a fix is implemented - therefore it may be expected that you will experience this again.”

They gave me a couple legendaries, that were both ones i already had, but not involved with the bug (and at least one was useful).

You are fortunate @Clancularius. Many of us were instead told this bug does not exists and as such have been denied compensation. It is frustrating, I continued to be impacted by this bug, without compensation, and now existence of this bug has been publicly acknowledged.

What does “Unreleased Silverhand Gear” mean as a bug fix?


For the duplicate last 2 for 1 pack I had

double raika helm
Double calliope Boris
Double saarvin pant
Double saarvin bracer

I can’t remember pack before but I think there more.

And I was told there was no issue and they wouldn’t do anything is there somewhere I can appeals?

Seriously? That’s it? Two meaningless phrases which say practically nothing? Unrealeased Silverhand Gear bug…what is it? It’s never been reported here in the forum. Wow guys how long has it taken to post such a message?

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Fiz I would have to guess it when mort offer less then 3 item one would be a silverhand unreleased? /Shrug

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How about ending TOM until loading bug is fixed. PVP broken enough without trying to make money on it while a known bug affects outcome.

I have been advised the Mods have begun locking all threads discussing connectivity issues after only 3 days of inactivity. As such @Rooster, it appears they have decided to continue ignoring the issue.

I quickly found one such thread that was quickly locked and obscured.

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Above all, I wonder what these are about.

Hello Adventurers.

For clarity on Duplicate Legendary Gear, getting two or three of the same legendary gear in a row is not considered a bug. However, when an adventurer receives the same legendary gear repeatedly, as in the case of some adventurers receiving the same item 7+ times in a row, we consider this to be a bug. The server update should prevent receiving the same legendary gear repeatedly from occurring.

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One for two. What is the other bug fix?

Yeah @Krom

Last 3 legendary packs for me if I’m remembering correctly was double armor for who cares, boo, hiss :rage:; then double ranger bracers yeah!!! :money_mouth_face:; and finally double barbarian ioun stone, pretty good :grinning:.

Yeah well I agree that I didn’t get the bug as bad as other but they were always Joppa or saarvin legendary unless from a pack for a class specific.

And for those pack as far I can remember I always had the same item in at least the last 5 2 for 1 I just didn’t notice or remember before

The odd for that is 1 out of 6 2 for 1 pack offer will be double.

To get it 5 times 2-1 doible in a row is 1 out of 7776 if my math are right and I might have more then 5 pack in row I can’t remember

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If I understand your statement, the developer only consider the bug to be a bug for players who were severely impacted. Those who were moderately impacted by the bug should consider it to be an ongoing anomaly??

A bug does not transform into something else just because it has not impacted particular customers as much as it has impacted big spenders. As such, I believe a more accurate wording of your response might have been:

The thieves den is currently providing compensation to big spenders only; those who were heavily impacted by this bug. We have ascertained 7+ times to be a suitable limit to delineate big spenders. For all others there will be no compensation. Perhaps this is because you do not spend enough for the rogues to care.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. I’m not sure if I am up to 7+ times in a row but I can now document at least 4 times in a row. All three times of the Heroic Adventure and here in a Glorious Chest. Joppa’s useless Legendary Armor. Not sure how many I got in a row prior to the Heroic Adventure but it is already at Level 3 (plus a few) and how long has Joppa been out?

So help me understand. Are you or aren’t you considering this bug and what do you plan to do about it?