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[News] Planned Maintenance | October 14, 2021

Hello Adventurers,
On Thursday, October 14, 2021 Warriors of Waterdeep will be put under planned Maintenance from 9:00 am ET to 12:00 pm ET. This maintenance is needed to make a couple of changes to our backend.
Once the maintenance is complete we will send out a gift to compensate all players for the downtime.
Thank you for your patience.

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Can we get an updated eta? It’s well past 12pm eastern now.

It’s “a couple of changes to our backend” turned into a little more it seems…

Yep. Looks that way. Error 211 here.

Hi, things are taking longer than planned. Apologies, I do not have an eta at the moment.

No problem… just adjust the gift accordingly… :rofl:


I’m more concerned about extending the return event.

Hello Adventurers,
Maintenance is now complete.
Thank you for your patience.

Claim your daily in-game social reward :point_right:

Now it’s just 233 errors instead of 211 errors.


Just a head up admins its constant 233 errors also you can no longer see your battle rating in the guild screen or the total for your guild

Same as with MStar and tony: error code 233

Yup, 233 error now…

Error 233 since maintenance finished. Lots of guild members reporting the same.

Thank you, I have let the team know and they are working on it.


Hi Keith. Error 211 is also being experienced…hope that helps the team narrow the search for the issue…good luck :slight_smile:

Ah. Almost. Repeated 233 errors. Got in. Guild chat not working. 233 kicked me out. 211 errors upon trying to get back in.

The team has put the game back in maintenance mode as they try to fix the issue.


Now just replace that coin reward with a nice chest. :smiley:

Seriously! Basically an entire day lost… a few coin will not cut it. Don’t be stingy Ludia!

Any idea when we can expect to be back online Keith?