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[News] Planned Maintenance | October 14, 2021

Hi Skigh, I do not have an ETA.

And We’re back!!!

Still cant log in but dont worry everyone. Im sure ludia will provide adequate compensation for the 24 hours we havent been able to play

What are the chances of the app being fixed or someone telling us what is going on?

Oh man. 200 gold! Thank you so much for such a boon! Wow. I now have to figure out how to spend it. Shopping spree!

Nice you extended the explore event. But I had already paid 250 gems for it and done the first room when the maintenance started, and now I had to pay it again! The ‘free entry’ -book was also wasted – btw I can see now an announcement of an active book but no book is actually active.

Hi Zar, the 200 gold I believe came from the social link shared on our Facebook/Twitter page(check back each day to claim a new gift) and not the compensation mail that will be sent out later today.

Is this ever getting fixed? Error 233? To where I can complete more than one level of the Return to Forestfall Fen event without having to try reloading the game a dozen times?