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[News] Raid issue | November 23, 2021

Hello Adventurers,
The team is investigating why the raid is not appearing/disappearing after a run. We initially tried replacing the original raid with another but the issue still occurred. As such, we have decided to remove the raid this week as we try and find the culprit.
Thank you for your patience
The Warriors of Waterdeep Team


Don’t give up - the black dragon and I have unfinished business.

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Will there be any additional compensation for those who spent (and lost) a key?

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It is being discussed but at this time I do not have an answer one way or the other.

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Exactly what about his post warranted getting flagged by the community? I’m genuinely asking, I can’t figure out anything wrong from reading it

Hi enfeebled you can find our forum rules here:

This specific rule seems to get overlooked quite frequently in all our game sections.

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Appreciate you responding, Keith, that definitely cleared that up.

Basically they are terrified we will start comparing notes on the different stories we are all being told By support. :man_shrugging: Better keep what we say to you private!!! Or Else we’ll censor you.

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I’ve heard from some guildies today that they got 5 keys and a basic chest in compensation.

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Hopefully we can have that raid next week! In the meantime, it would be nice to have the next part of the Valley relased early to give us something fun to do :grin:

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A compensation mail has gone out to all active guildmembers. Remember to check your in-game mail and claim it.
Thank you

We normally get a holiday/thanksgiving gift from Ludia anyway… so after months of loading errors, missed events and constant game glitches, we get a small card pack as “ compensation”…… that just happens to land on Thanksgiving. So an attempt on their part to kill two birds with one little stone.

Ummm thanks?

My guild normally would have unlocked the Silverhand in less time than it took Ludia to conclude there was a problem and cancel this regularly scheduled Raid.

I’m trying to feel grateful on this day of giving thanks, but an Adventurer’s Pack feels incredibly underwhelming when compared to the rewards of a Raid.

In hindsight, it was probably an error in judgement to tell players that a fix would be out “shortly” only to announce raid is cancelled the next day.

And I still can’t select “move” in PvP sometimes.

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Thanks Keith

So, looking at the next calendar guild event is rally this week. Curious if the team thinks they figured out issue with raid and when we can expect next one.